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No spool up / take off sound AI MTX 5.4

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Thanks for the special discount for older MTX users. I have purchased the 5.4 version yesterday (coming from 5.2)

Everything is installed (and completely removed MTX 5.2), and MTX planes are visable in FSX.

The problem is that all planes only make taxi sounds.

When I park my plane near the runway there is no engine spool up sound from the MTX AI planes taking off.

I also bought Flight one's Audio Enviroment Airliners edition, hoping that this works better.

I started with FSX and MTX 5.4 clean install, did a test, and then installed the AE sounds.

The problem remains.. no startup or spool up sounds.. only taxing.

Is this normal MTX behaviour ? or should I hear the spool up sound during AI takeoff ?

I am not 100% sure, but as far as I remember MTX 5.2 did have spool up sounds.



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Hi Burkhard,

I am still a little confused about AI sounds. I have all the latest updates for MTX but like the OP, I still only hear a faint sound of AI planes as they taxi by. I looked in the AISound folder and it said the volume was set a 50%, I tried to change it to 100% for testing and the change would not set and reverted to 50%

Please tell me how to get all the sounds from our AI that the OP asked about.


Bob Johnson


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Do a search for Alan Constable on Flightsim.com. He as a payware programme available at www.simmarket.com which installs some AI sounds. There is also something on startup sounds

You can install your own. Do a search for Persson ( 2 s's)

If you open any of the soundai.cfg (inside the aircraft folders) you will see that the alias points to an aircraft\soundai folder all you need to do is change that entry to the full path of your downloaded aircraft sound

For example my B733MX contains a soundai.cfg which reads:


alias=C:\Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Misc\Traffic_Sounds\Jets\sound_B737\soundai

So I have a folder called sound_B737 inside of which is folder called soundAI this contains my sounds (for the 737)

Inside the soundai folder is a file called sound.cfg change this to soundai.cfg

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