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AI Planes do not follow taxiways / runways -


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Hello folks,

Been using MyTraffic for P3D since first of month. Nice product.

I have noticed that the ai traffic at airports is erratic - planes will move off of taxiways into grass, then turn around and go the other way, stop, turn around, then move on taxiway, then off into grass.

When an ai is taking off, about a third of the way down the runway, it runs off in grass, then back on and takes off. Kinda cute, but not realistic.

What do I need to do to correct this issue.

Thanks in advance and have a blessed one.


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This has never been reported up to now this way, but please answer the following questions:

Does this happen on the aiports as provided by MyTraffic, or are you refering to thrid party airports?

Which other addons do you have installed?

Do you observe this on all aircraft, or on a specific model?

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Hello Burkhard,

The only airports installed are within the Orbx-FTX Sceneries for the US - PNW / etc. - I have no add-on's other than these in ways of airports/sceneries. I do have EzDoc camera.

The airport was Grand Rapids, MI to Madison, WI, which are default P3D airports.

Like I said, it was really funny at first, like the pilots were drunk, but in summary, not realistic. I was using the PMDG 737NGX - haven't tried with other aircraft.


PS - was following a CRJ on taxiway to runway at O'Hare, and the CRJ would do a 90degree to grass then back on. When it reached the hold at runway for take-off, it just ran straight off the runway. Too Cute

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I do not think that the usage of the user plane can effect this - if you could make a screen shot and add it here it would be easier to judge if this is how P3D/FSX do it or if something is interacting with the AI traffic on your system.

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I will look into this later down in 5.4b development. If somebody else who knows how to edit aurcraft cfg files would also look, that might help. It would also help if we could identify which aircrast are affected by this, and which run properly.

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