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call signs and cfg files


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First, let me say that I just purchased MTX and I am very happy with it after using UT2 for several years. The models look great and my framerates have improved while having more traffic.

My question:

I do not like the US Airways flights being refered to as "Cactus". I know that since they merged with AWE they now use that callsign, but can I change this in the aircraft.cfg file?

Also, why when i go to the MTX aircraft "B738MX" folder, and some others, is there no "aircraft.cfg" file, instead there is a "sim.cfg" file which has the same contents as an aircraft.cfg file.


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Sim.cfg gets loaded before an aircraft.cfg (I think) there is no real difference, yes you can change the call sign from atc_airline=CACTUS to atc_airline=US AIR or similar but when you update MTX the call sign will revert to Cactus again so you will have to update the callsign entry after every update or re-install

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Yes, rename it to "orchid" if you want, lol, you will understand that I have to use it as it is offcial.

And yes, if the name is sim.cfg or aircraft.cfg makes no difference, but hat FSX is said to search for sim.cfg first, and if it does not find one searches for aircraft.cfg - should not make any difference on a modern hardware, but there was a time when every tick counted.

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On a similar topic, is there a way to change the ATC names of the airports? For example, when a military transport departs for Elmendorf Air Force Base, in MyTraffic the ATC radio traffic goes like this:

"Air Force 198 departing for Elmendorf airport as filed." Should say, "Departing for Elmendorf Air Force Base as filed."

Is there a way for me to change the ATC traffic?


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I can't remember offhand, but basically there's a section in there (It may be called "Operators" bizarrely) which contains all the ICAO codes and the name used to refer to that ICAO code... You'd have to find Elmendorf in there and edit the voice file for it from "Elmendorf" to "Elmendorf Air Force Base" (don't they just say "AFB" on a busy ATC channel? Anyway...)


Ian P.

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