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I have two issues with the MTX Pro 2.4a schedules. I am using 2012 schedule. In communicator under historic flights I have listed years 1965 - 2010 in 5-yr increments.

When selecting the 2010 schedule nothing really happens. A dos box flashes for a minute, then when opening FSX (sp2) nothing has changed, still see 2012 paints. Additionally, when I check the "MT_Plans" folder there is no year 2010 listed, there is 1965-2005, and 2012. Why is there a "2010" listed in Communicator, and no plans? I have the historic models installed.

Second issue: when selecting the year 2005 schedule, it seems to compile fine. But when using this schedule FSX crashes every time after loading scenery. When the loading scenery....etc progress bar reaches the end FSX crashes. When i revert back to the 2012 schedules FSX runs fine. BTW, I have the FSX SP2 SDK installed.

Update: I tried re-selecting 2005 schedule again and it compiled fine. When starting FSX it rebuilds scenery files. I can then start out at some smaller airports, like KRIC or KCHO, and no crashes. However when trying to go to any other airport from there (tried KIAD, KIAH, KCMH) FSX crashes almost immediately. I just tried the 2000 schedule and same thing happens. Started out at KRIC, noticed that the paints were not year 2000 and the AC at the gates were the same as the 2012 schedule, Tried to go to a different airport and FSX crashed.

Still no problems when reverting to 2012 schedule. I shouldn't have any conflicting traffic files. This is what I show using the 2012 schedule:

List of AI traffic schedules





D:\FSX\Scenery\World\Scenery rafficBoats.bgl

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I don't see an option to install MTM models. I did "install models for historic flights" but in the MTX aircraft folder all AC are still MX, even the concorde.

Also for the 2010 schedule the Traffic2010.bat file points to a folder that doesn't exist.

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Well, I think I am just going to stick with the 2012 schedule. I have already had to completely uninstall-reinstall three times, and in order to re-create my crashes I will have to do it again. It seems that after changing schedules, and/or removing and then rebuilding scenery/traffic through the communicator, the program will not compile scenery anymore. I just get a flash of a dos window, and no traffic bgls, and only 4-5 total files in the MT scenery folder, no matter what year schedule i select and no matter how many times i tell communicator to rebuild. The only thing that fixes it is a complete reinstall, and I don't want to keep going through that. I have no anti-virus running, not even defender, UAC all turned off in Win 7 64 and run everything as administrator, but no luck.

Thanks for your help.

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Nevertheless I will continue to try to verify this, of course it costs many hours but crashes always have the top prio to be handeled. I would also welcome if anybody else who uses historic schedules sees the problem.

Flashing by first question is if you have coped trafficdatabasebuilder.exe.

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I made a test insatll yesterday, instaleld the 1990 schedules, and tested all over the US for 4 hours, no crash. Anybody else? Otherwise I would shift this into a task for the 5.4b beta in August, and go back to development. Patch with 2010 schedules will come.

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