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Consistent CTD since installing/using MyTraffic


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My first flight since installing the software and P3D has CTD 4 times in the past 3.5 hours. My settings were 20% Commercial 10% GA moderate vehicle traffic. I'm fortunate that my VA's Acars program saves automatically so I can reload and continue.

I have since reduced all traffic settings to zero to see if I can finish this flight but I'm at a loss. If this is what I have to do then I may have wasted my money.

Unfortunately there is no error to work from as P3D just crashes to desktop then restarts . My FPS in P3D is set to unlimited and I start P3D with an external FPS Limiter. I get consistent 30 FPS and it's pretty smooth. I did get single digit FPS while I was taxiing out of KJFK when the traffic was set as stated above.

Don't know if my machine specs may be an issue.

Dual Quad-core Xeon

8GB Ram

Radeon HD 6850 1GB

Can anyone help?


Update: I was able to finish the remaining 2 hours of my flight without incident (and without AI). I will try my next flight with an increase to 10% Airline traffic

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Please also state at whch (simulated) time you see these crashes, so that we can repeat exactly the situation and see if this happens generally or is a specific problem to your system.

FSX/P3D crash when they are not able to load an AI aircraft model. This happens either if there is a problem in the software, a typo in aircraft.cfg - or a disk or file system problem. I myself had the later once, P3D got instable on one system, the cure for me was to pull all the aircraft folders out of the MyTraffic\aircraft folder, start P3D, end it, then move them back, no crash since then, so there I had a problem in the file system.

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Here is the text from my flight log. Everywhere you see "Flight Resumed" I'm restarting from a crash. It was after the last one that I set all my trafic settings to "zero" when I was able to complete the flight.

I will also try the suggestion of removing/replacing all the aircraft files.

I'm currently on a flight where I've increased my Airline traffic to 20 and all other AI is set to "zero". I'm curently over the pacific so I don't have any AI traffic near me.

Thank you for responding


Flight Log.txt

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I spent all afternoon and evening on this now. I also get P3D crashes in New York. They are not of the typical AI related crashes, which happen at 86-89% of loading, but happen when I try to make settings. Their frequency is related to the load I give to P3D - the less aircraft I use and lower the scenery density the less frequent they are, and without any AI they are rare but still happen.

Without any AI, with scenery at very dense and autogen at dense, I only get 7 fps, with scenery at dense more than 20, so there is something very special about NYC as it comes with P3D. I will continue and would also ask others to check if they see such an event.

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Since then even with traffic 0 I only get 7fps on all of the US east coast, and good anywhere else. I we have identified a mysterious East Coast Killer Goast - who wants it next? I will try to drown him with my new submarine.

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