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Changing Airport Scenery for Wide-bodied Flights

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I'm really desperate to get large wide bodied aircrafts (e.g. B77L, B77W, A346) on MyTraffic at Juanda airport (ICAO: WARR), and I edited the airport so:

  • There are 3 gates with 40 meters radius
  • There are 8 other gates with more radius than the default maximum radius in MyTraffic Editor (23 m)
  • There are more gates in total (35 gates)
  • There are more runway length (10244 feet, width 175 feet)

I compiled the airport to BGL file and overwrite the original airport scenery in MyTraffic/Scenery (BR2_WARR.bgl). Even when I've changed the gate amount (maximum runway length and gate radius) and adding nearly hourly A380 flights and in total many B77W, A346, and other wide-bodied aircraft flights on MyTraffic Editor (and compiling, together with putting it into MT_Plans folder), the only wide bodied flight which shows is B763 and B762. Can anybody help to get another wide-bodied flights seen there?

NB: The edited scenery is attached here.


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You did not mention that you ran the export airport to airports.txt and then imported it to the editor. If you didn't , it is hard to say what happened.

Now, what you should do next is:

a) Check that your flights are in MyCommecialroutes.dat, you can look at this file with notepad or what you prefer.

b ) If they are check MyCommercialroutes.log if the compiler gives you error messages.

But why on earth did you put anything into MT_Plans? When you compile the files should be created in MyTraffic\scenery, MyTraffic\MT_Plans is an input to the communicator to allow you to go back to the provided state, nothing used.

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I haven't run the what you said "Export to airports.txt", I just put the airport into \Scenery. I put my new traffic plans (not the airport scenery!) at \MT_Plans\2011 (the year I'm using), so it'll be used by MyTraffic. In MyCommercialRoutes.log there are several errors. Here is one of the example:

D:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\MyTraffic\MyCommercialRoutes.dat(64176) : error: Unable to find available parking at WARR for Boeing 747-400 MyPaint10

So, how can I export the airport to airports.txt?

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What about reading the manual?

If you make significant changes to airports, or add airports, or have addon airports installed and want the traffic to be adapted to the airport, the procedure is the following:

  1. put the airports into an active scenery folder. MyTraffic\scenery as example, and ensure that version is used by the priority or disabling other instances of that airport
  2. start FSX
  3. using traffic toolbox, run the export airports, for details see topic 20) of the MyTraffic editor manual
  4. end FSX
  5. Start MyTraffic editor, open the or a copy of the actual database, and run import airports.txt.
  6. Now the editor will know what you have installed as airports
  7. Save this database under another name
  8. Check that the entries for the airport in the editor are what you expect it to be
  9. Now you can add schedules by hand, and then run a create all files and traffic
  10. Or you can just run a "create schedules, files and traffic" and are done.

Both step 9 or step 10 write the flight plans to the MyTraffic folder, then invoke Trafficdatabasebuilder ( you copied it?) and create traffic bgls from these flight plans in MyTraffic\scenery.

The MT_Plans folder contains flight plans, which are compiled by the routines trafficXXXX.bat into the MyTraffic\scenery folder, which can be invoked by hand or by the Communicator, so basically they are the time machine for users who do not program themselves, and have nothing to to with programming schedules. I recommend that you also read the traffic toolbox SDK manual for a deaper understanding of what you try to do. Changing flight plans is assembler programming, and assembler programming always is 95% reading of complete documentation and 5% of action.

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Sir, the problem is not that I didn't follow those steps, but I can't follow the steps number 2 to 4 as you said:

  1. I can't find the traffic toolbox in FSX, as said in point 20 "To create it, go in FS X to the Tools > Traffic Toolbox > Dump Airport List", even after I edited the dll.xml
  2. With FSX closed and I opened it directly (D:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK\Environment Kit\Traffic Toolbox SDK\TrafficDatabaseBuilder.exe), it just opens for a blink and closed.

Can you help me to edit the dll.xml, so I can start it from FSX?

Note: My FSX SDK installation directory is D:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK and my FSX installation directory is D:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The dll.xml file is attached with this reply (compressed in ZIP format). I hope you can attach the repaired dll.xml file, if the current file is incorrect


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