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Hi Burkhard,

I notice below that there is a topic entitled 'smoking KC135' which concerns the realism of the smoke effects. Now I have watched the ai KC135 and the early ai B52's and neither plane produces any smoke from the engines. Is there some modification or switch that turns on smoke effects or is it that smoke effects are not compatible with FsX + Accelaration which I am using?

I should be grateful for some advice.

Adam Mills.

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Thanks for the information. I don't know how to identify the KC135a. I tried a few different models at random but saw no smoke from any of them. I notice that one of the check boxes in the MyTraffic Interactive screen says 'enable smoke' - does this relate to engine smoke?

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Yes, it does, but only for the selected aircraft if that has smoke attached.

The difference between the KC135A and the KC135B is the engine. Only those models with the old long thin silver made engines (J-57). The B-Model has the CFM-56 with a bigger diameter and a painted nacelle and no smoke, that is the same engine as on the 737-300 as example.

I will go and look for a place which is dirty...

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You can add smoke to any AI jet aircraft using Nick Needhams excellent programme nicksaijetexhaust.zip from Avsim. Although designed for FS2002 and FS2004 it will work in FSX

Install the 2004 version to a temp folder and copy over the files to FSX you then need to read the instructions about installing for AI aircraft. If you need any help installing come back to me

Dave Butler

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Yes, it is possible and a trivial thing to do,


Whatever you do for FSX design, the most important of all rules is that never in any potential scene you have more than 1500-2000 draw calls. If I understand these smokes right, they have 6 draw calls per engine, so the KC135A makes 24 draw calls for this. If you are willing to spend 10% of your system power to the smoke, then you may have 8 smoking quads or 16 smoking twins in your reality bubble (flying or taxi in a circle of about 150 miles radius) . This fairly limits the use to rare cases.

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