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FSC v 9.2 Client PC Problem

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I updated FSC from v9.1 to v9.2 on both my host and client PCs last month. Everything worked fine. My trouble began when I extended and updated my Kaspersky Internet Security protection on both PCs earlier this month. The Host PC was still ok, but FSC on the client PC could no longer connect to FSX.

I re-installed FSC v9.2 on the client PC and confirmed sharing of the necessary host PC folders was enabled. I also confirmed my registered copy of FSIU4PC and WideFS was up-to-date.

When I realized that the client PC could no longer see or access my home network harddrive, the Windows error code I was getting led me to discover that the new install of the Kaspersky software defaulted to the Firewall being enabled.. Once the firewall was disabled, my network HD was again accessible. I could then set the FSC Database Manager path and successfully run it. However, I’m still having problems running FSC itself.

I was able to direct FSC to the Flight Plan folder on the host PC, but I get an error that it’s not a PMDG flight plan when I try to load it. I can create a new flight plan (on the client PC), but when I try to save it, I get the error message: “Flight plan for Add-on aircraft cannot be saved because Flight Simulator X folder unknown. Please specify Flight Simulator X folder under Flight plan → Save as → Tab Paths → Folder Flight Simulator X.” Although the correct path is specified, for some reason I can’t load or save a flight plan. I also should note that in the Save/Load Flight Plan dialog window, the right-hand side containing VFR & IFR flight plan types (e.g. PMDG, FSC, etc.) are all ghosted-out. And, as you might expect, with FSX running on the host PC, when I try to connect on the client PC via the GPS tab “Connect to FS”, I get the error message: “Unable to connect to Flight Simulator Msg #14.”

Any suggestions as to what might be causing this problem or what I might want to try next? I’m about to try un-installing/re-installing FSC again. (Even un-installing FSC via the Windows Control panel seems a bit peculiar)

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Hi ???,

How to find a solution to the FSCommander when the problem started with the Kasperski update?

Contact me by e-mail. You can finde my e-mail address at the bottom of the FSCommander website.



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