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MyTraffic Live database restarted


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Burkhard, have a strange problem. When I try to download FSLive database I get a request to enter my email address and password. I enter my email addy that I have had for years. I get a statement that AirNav does not recognize my email address. So how do I fix that?


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If you recall this problem Burkhard I have been getting Error -1 since April, as we discussed via PM. I have only been able to download a Live file on average once a week. Most of the time has been a total failure. I even renewd my Sub a few weeks back and hoping things would improve.

From the moment you restarted the database, I have not seen the error-1 again. Just thought I would let you know.

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  • 2 weeks later...

That's alot, indeed... Let us see how it develops.

Does anybody see flights getting dublicate in bigger numbers?

Yes, I do. When I see i.e. 50 flights, there is 13 to 15 duplicated flights. I think it is a lot.

And Hallo Burkhard after long time. :razz:

Where can I find some info how to use MT Live ? There is only few words in manuals and I am confused. I have no idea what heppens in my FSX. No clear info how to put "Live" flights into FSX. How often to download data. When using MT Live how should I set sliders in FSX . What data can I expect from downloads - commercials, or militaries, or general aviations? I am sorry, but really nearlly no info. Only info in manual is click Select shedules - My Traffic Live - let black windows finish,then downloads - My Traffic Live. I could be wrong, but it seems to be wrong order. First download and then select, or realy oppositelly?

And blact window ask me to overwrite something.

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Simple to answer:

First the order: MyTraffic as it comes contains schedules for all airlines and fills all airports. So you have to go to the schedules, that do not contain the airlines that come with live, to have these live, that you found in the manuial. After you did so, you can add the live schedules to get a meaningful result - otzherwise you would have them twice.

The live schedules contain what you can expect from any live schedule web site - airliners, cargo, some GA depending on where you are, no military. The recommendation for the slider settings are more or less the same as for MyTraffic itself, with the little difference that the lower you set the slider the more recent the last received information of the flight was, so arround 25% or 30% you should get a higher degree of precision than with those that are at higher values.

On the duplicates, I was afraid of this to happen given some changes in the data I observed last week, will follow this. At lest they should be mostly at high density values if I understand right what happens.

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Uffff. Sorry but I dont understand at all.... MyTrafficX Proff. is excelent !!! But manuals, informations and mostly forum-info are .... confusing.

All instructions here usually looks like: Bake the cake. But how should I bake this cake ?? What it means "go to the schedules, that do not contain...." ?? And how can I ADD the live schedules to get meaningful result.... ?? Do this, do that, BUT HOW? HOW ? Manuals dosnt explain lot of butons and procedures. For example - still I have no glue how to ADD any traffic to existing traffic. I know how to put new "traffic to FSX. But how to ADD my manual schedules to existing schedules? And how to combine "Live" with my manual schedules? And one important q. How to tell FSX to show my manual schedules as prefered. Before i tried something. Traffic was nice as it came with product. Global atmosphere on the airports - excelent. But for example I would like to ADD just few myown flights from i.e. EIDW to EIKN or EINN. After many many trials I did it by "Manual scheduling". Ok, now slider on 100% is too much, so I lovered it to 25 -35% It seems to be good level. Lot of flights disapeared include MY flights. So my Q is How to tell FSX I want to see MY CREATED FLIGHTS first, and then anything else. Next thing - I see on the airport 70 airliners and 8 cargos. [slider 100%]. When I lover slider all cargos are gone as first. How to change it? I`d like to have 20 airliners and 3 - 5 cargos for example.

Ok I know I am nervous, and nobody like it. So I am sorry for my agressivity. I will slow down. My appology.

As manuals are not clear for me I`d like to ask some questions "how to". One by one. Is it possible, please?


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