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Sudden database management error

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Good Morning

Yesterday I have made an update of my database with the Database management file and all went perfectly well.

This morning having to update the database again, I get the attached message and the program aborts.

I have reinstalled completely FSC9 and the problem remains. I don't see where to look for. Could you help me to solve the problem.

Here is the message I get:

"File not found or no access! Please check the FSCDBM_FS*.LOG File!

Program will abort!"

Also find under the contents of the FSCDBM_FS*.LOG File


H:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\FSC9\ FlightSim Commander Database Manager 9.2

© 2012 Volker Heine · Vers. 9.2 Net (Build: 12-May-2012)

Registered for Unregistered version NoReg3

Rebuild database: 28/06/2012 - 10:05:45


based on:

===== Error Error Error =====

Source: GetBGLFileDirectories = 5 = Argume

Thanks in advance


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Hi everyone;

After multiple searches and Volker's help, I found the reason for the error. I had simply forgotten after having reinstalled FSC92, to precise FSX's path in the dataManagement file before uptading the database.

I think to prevent such situation it would be a good idea to use the registry to locate FSX and its components at the launch of the Management file. In case the program did not anyway find the location then a message would appear asking for a manual setup.

This is done for instance in a small program freeware called "RSC" by Mark Regal which permits to manage the scenery.cfg file and helps to organize rationnally this important file. The software locates automatically the scenery.cfg file then makes working copy of the file. Not every user knows where scenery.cfg is installed and so no one has to bother looking for it, the software does it for you; in case of course it did not find it then you have the manual option.

I think this could be a good way to prevent wasting time for such a stupid oversight and all beneficial for Volker :razz:


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Under normal conditions, the Database Manager searches and finds the FSX Scenery.cfg in the Registery.

In a few very rare cases, the entries are incomplete and may cause the problems described above.

In this case, please send me the complete folder /SUPPORT to my e-mail address.

The address is located at the bottom of the homepage www.FSCommander.com .


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