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Accuracy versus Simplicity which product?

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Hello, just (finally) upgraded my computer for FSX and looking at traffic products. Its a pretty good computer now so framerates are not an issue, but at the same time I don't need to be overwhelmed with traffic.

In order of importance for me is:

Right airlines at right airports for MAJOR airports around the globe (including major airports in Asia and South Pacific, as well as Europe and N America), schedules don't have to be exact but generally match what you might see.

Not having to spend hours tweaking it or worrying about it breaking, I do plan to do a lot of add on airports as I go so this is a concern that I'll have to do a lot of traffic tweaking as I add airports.

A good mix of GA as I do like to hit the smaller airports

With those criteria in mind your products look like they might fit better than UT, but which of yours.

I think the lite product is too light on GA, and looks like it is lacking coverage in Asia.

My Traffic 2010 looks like the next best answer, it looks less complicated then My Traffic X but still a good mix.

My big concern though with the 2010 product is does it reflect the recent US Mergers (Northwest is gone, those planes are all Delta, and Continental is gone, those planes are United?)

The Pro 5.4 prodcut concerns me as it looks like a lot of tweaking, but 2010 I wonder if I'll be seeing Continental aircraft.

Please let me know your thoughts and advice.

Thank You,


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MyTrafficX doesn't need to be complex. While it comes with significant extra capabilities and tools if you want to use them, you can also simply install it and leave it using the base routes and aircraft without any tweaking whatsoever.

Amongst the commercial packages there is nothing even close to the planetary coverage of MyTrafficX and even if you went around downloading, installing, converting to FSX format and assembling all the freeware files (a far more complex challenge and you'll still have 99% FS2004 models, not FSX) then I think you'd find that MTX still has greater coverage. It's... quite comprehensive? ;)


Ian P.

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Hmmm, I'd like to belive that but it looks god awful complicated with a communcator and a bunch of things to check if it doesn't load right and all of that (lots of forum questions and fixes as read down, granted some of those questions are probably generated by people doing more than I will do). It feels like you could be unlucky and not have t it work on first load and\or work with your add ons so the simpler the program the better if it gives me basically what I want. I agree it is probably easier than some of the freeware but it still looks like a pretty big program making lots of mods to the base FSX.

But I will hope for good luck and I won't tweak it if it does load fine.

Still it looks like Traffic 2010 is a little less complicated and the features X has over 2010 I probably won't use anyway so having more features in there is one more chance for something to go awary.

With that in mind one of my questions is still out there, do both 2010 and X reflect that Northwest is now Delta and Continental is now United, or is that just reflected in X, or not reflected in either.

Thank you for your help.

Kevin Kamradt

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MyTraffic 2010 is an old version, and is not supported here but by Aerosoft. Here we support MyTraffic X Professional.

If you compare the two, MyTraffic 2010 and MyTraffic X older versions are identical if you just install and forget, but MyTraffic X Professional offers more options IF YOU WANT THEM.

Both products you can install, follow installation instructions, and then forget and use the traffic density slider in FSX to mix what you want.

MyTraffic 2010 does not reflect the UAL/COA merger, but partly the earlier Delta/NW merger. A new version called MyTraffic 2013 will appear soon, which has them, and is identical to a stripped down version of MyTraffic X Professional 5.4a.

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