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my traffic adding wrong runways

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I have found that my traffic x installs wrong runways in alot of airport i have been fixing them with aiport editor for i am getting tired of it look at the pic i will post for example look at all the 33ft runways it has lol kjax jacksonville intnl PLEASE FIX AIPORTS I KNOW FOR SURE THERE ARE ALOT LIKE THIS and that makes ifr flight bad i dont get the right headings ALSO IT HAS THE WRONG RUNWAY NUMBERS IN REAL LIFE IT HAS 26 /8 14 /32 RUNWAY


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They are there for a reason, its called the crosswind runway technique.

http://www.fsdevelop...xwind technique

Well for real weather crosswinds i have rex and also the vectors are wrong because of the wrong runway numbers if you want do an i fr flight to jacksonville and the vectors will take you far from the airport and also the atc will stop giving you vectors

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The crosswind runway technique has absolutely nothing to do with any weather program and what it may be capable of, it simply allows two or more none parallel runways to be active and usable at the same time. Without such a technique FS will only allow runways that are parallel (actually within 7.9 degrees heading of one another) to be active at the same time, without this trick only one runway will be used at a time which causes major traffic congestion problems at large multi runway airports.

Wrong runway designations has nothing to do with this system but can be due to magnetic drift which FS doesn't simulate as changing over time.

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Those airports were designed simply to increase realsim(?) and the capacity for ai traffic, they should have no influence on ui flying whatsoever, but if it's bugging you, go to the MyTraffic/Scenery folder and delete BR2_KJAX but beware, fs will now use the default airport which does not have the capacity of the modified MyTraffic one which means AI will park all over the place and some will disappear after landing because of insufficient parking. And will decrease the user experience dramatically.

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The runway designators for those runways that also exist in FSX have been kept in most cases. I know some have changed in real life, but changing them in the layout causes a lot of problems at other places.

Thanks to all who explained the crosswind technology. It is just needed if you want any realistic traffic density - if you don't use it you will have events like all departures and arrivals at FRA going over the 18/36.

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