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Dave's VC10 Paint Thread

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Here is the first VC10 for the Time Machine - of course none other than BOAC.

BOAC purchased 12 Super-VC10's altogether, 10 of them were painted in this livery.







And the textures:


I particularly chose to paint G-ASGN because there is a sad story attached to this beautiful aircraft.

In September 1970, Black September - "Terrorists/Freedom fighters" hijacked 4 aircraft including BOAC's Super VC10 (G-ASGN) and forced them to fly to an abandoned military airstrip in Jordan called Dawson's Field. Subsequently they blew all four aircraft up including G-ASGN. For the whole story, just Google "Dawsons Fileld VC10".

Here are some photos:

post-8677-0-30421900-1341819080.jpg post-8677-0-19174800-1341819116.jpg



post-8677-0-22649600-1341819185.jpg post-8677-0-42046100-1341819211.jpg

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Thanks hi1pie.

I still haven't gotten my time management right on these paints. Sometime I will knock a simple one off in less than an hour, and at other times I will get carried away and spend a whole week on a paint.

Is it worth it? Depends on one's point of view. I have yet to find the time to set up a time machine the way I envisage it to be, so I haven't yet put these paints into "action" yet.

But somehow it is fascinating for me to try and get the absolute maximum out of a relatively simple model (compared to fully flyable FSX aircraft) with a maximum mapping resolution of 1024x1024.

I use Photoshop professionally and have done so for the past 20 years or so, but I still find these kind of paints to be the most challenging simply because of the incredibly limited resolution necessitated by an AI aircraft.

Every paint I do, I learn a new technique or discover something hidden within the incredible complexity of photoshop that I never knew before.

And finally, let's be honest now, I just love painting aircraft! Burkhard spends so much of his time creating them, the least I can do is to help paint them.

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Thanks for this explanation. Same happens to me, somtimes things go fast, and sometimes they don't. Something that helps with software is if you can use the same things several times - as example I just made a major overhaul of the A342 and A343and can use most of this for the A332 and the A333 too - next I have to see if this applies to the A345/6 too with their different wing - this would be one of my contibutions to the ever lasting improvements to MyTraffic, in this case for version 5.4b. What I find fascinating with painting for me is that it is a little kind of art work - every paint is an artists realization and abstraction of what we might know from images or own experience.So every time a paint is finished I personally get a very good feeling of having created something - that we know to last for years and to be on thousands of computers around the world.

If you just want to see all these paints in colorful action, I attach a simple schedule for VC10-MyPaint00, VC10-MyPaint01, until VC10-MyPaint08 worldwide.


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Thanks for the schedule - I'll give it a go.

I notice the subtle hint about 8 repaints. :mrgreen: That will just about do the lot.

The list of my intended paints is:

BOAC - Done








Have I missed any?

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They've been painted all sorts over the years, but their numbers keep going down and I no longer have any real idea what they're all painted. The latest paints I've seen have been all over grey and all over desert pink, but that's just from TV footage. Both are also shown on the RAF website pages I linked to above.

I remember sitting and watching them in their old white and grey livery, doing touch and go circuits at Brize Norton - they were LOUD at full power. I don't remember ever having seen one with a red stripe, but that doesn't mean there wasn't one. White with a red stripe is usually a VIP aircraft, so if a Royal went to the Falklands or somewhere else that the RAF are the primary carrier to get to, it wouldn't surprise me at all if they painted up an aircraft in Brass Hat Airways livery.

Edit: This one may be a special from a few years ago, but the engine cowl says a lot about British Military purchasing procedures. ;)



Ian P.

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I believe that http://www.airliners...6189f68553ae3e7 is the current operational livery and has been since the late 1980s. There have been a number of minor variations for display and commemorative purposes, but it's generally been "low vis grey".

http://www.airliners...6189f68553ae3e7 is the classic scheme I remember from watching them at Brize, many years ago, but it would be a time machine livery as they don't appear to have worn it since the 1980s.

All of the "hemp" scheme aircraft have been repainted and/or scrapped, as it appears have the few desert pink ones from the early 1990s. It looks like the last jets will be heading for the scrapyard towards the end of this year... I wonder if we'll manage to lease any A330MRTTs to "replace" them before 2020? Probably not at the current rate, if all the other delays and cutbacks are anything to go by. :evil:

Personally, I'd just stick with the grey scheme for "modern" use (since about 1985, it appears) and the white/grey with a blue cheatstripe before then (up to about 1990). I can find no trace at all of a VIP scheme on a VC10, sorry.

Edit: Just a minor one BTW, but the VC-10s operate(d) under the callsign "ASCOT" rather than "RAFAIR", for the record. ;)

Ian P.

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Aha! I think I may have worked out (and then found) what you meant, Burkhard... it's not a VIP aircraft, it's Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE - Now QinetiQ) out of Farnborough.


Not an operational livery, I'm afraid.

http://www.airliners.net/photo/UK---Air/British-Aerospace-BAe-146/1711338/&sid=db5f0307d57baa879c160bf70c19fb2a is the current "royal flight" livery, although I don't know what's wearing it any more. The red stripe used to be wider and the blue stripes narrower. The roundels also used to be larger than the stripe. As I said before, though, there's no sign of that on a VC10 at any point, that I can find.


Ian P.

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If you do a Comet, expect requests for a Nimrod very shortly afterwards from the classic RAF jet fans. ;)

Love the Caledonian livery Dave - the BCal (and BOAC) have always been amongst my favourites, not just because I live here, either!


Ian P.

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Here's something for Ian, the "Grumpy Old Mod" .

This is indeed a VC10 but it's not "time-machined" - it is (I believe) currently flying in this livery for the RAF. The livery commemorates the 95th anniversary of 101 squadron and 50 years of service for the VC10 from 1962-2012.









Brize Norton runway in the background




And the Textures:


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