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FS Commander database tool cannot see mapped drives

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Hello there.

I hope you can help me get to the bottom of this. I am trying to set up FSC on a networked PC. Both PC's run Windows 7. FSUIPC (reg) anf WideFS (reg) are installed. The FSX PC has FSX installed in its own directory outside Prog Files and its mapped on the second PC. Other addons are working fine acorss the network.

We installed the CD version but had some issues when the Database Mgr was run initially. It found the FSX drives on the network, but gave an error about not being able to access the aircraft directory. After a bit of reading on here it looked like we had not run the installation as an Admin, so we unistalled and started again.

This time we ran it as admin. But now FSC database mgr cannot see the mapped drives. They are accessible from the PC and other FSX addons are reading them, so there is nothing wrong with the mapping. Whats puzzling me is FSC database Mgr WAS able to access them before I uninstalled. Is there something needing done to clean out the previous installation completely ?

Tried installing the download version and got the same result.

Any suggestions ?


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I am wondering if you are doing what I incorrectly tried (as I was unfamilair with how to use FS Commander on a diffeernt PC than where FSX is installed.

On the PC where FSX is installed navigate to where FSX is installed (eg C:]Program Files\Microsoft\Microsoft Games\FSX) and make it a shared folder

On the PC where FS commander is installed MAP the FSX folder on the other PC (usually TOOLS>MAP NETWORD DRIVE) by selecting a drive letter not already used ((eg z:) and then select the FOLDER where FSX is on the other PC by clicking on BROWSE and then navigating to the FSX folder on the other PC)

YOu're done.

You should now be able to select it within FS Commander

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