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P3 Props black

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Hello Burkhard,

A few days ago I flew into 2 US Naval Airfields on the USA West Coast (Whidbey Island in Washington State KNUW, and San Nicholas Island KNSI). At both fields, I encountered P3 aircraft with black prop disks (See attached screenshot from KNUW).

Upon checking the texture folders in the P3X aircraft file, I noticed no file for props (only 3 files in each texture folder). I compared this to the C130 texture folders, which do have a file for props blur, and the C130's do display correctly. Is a "props" file intentionally missing in the P3X textures? Or do I have a bad P3X installation? Thought I might try inserting the C130 "props" file into the P3 texture folders and see if that cures it, or is there a better solution? Maybe re-running the P3X installer?

Thanks for a great product!


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How exactly did you install, through an update, which files, etc?

I have a a prop_blurred.bmp file in any if the texture folder of the P3, so if you have no other problem just copy one over...

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Thanks for your customary quick response...

I started with 5.3, updated to 5.4 (installed the patch), and then to 5.4a patch via your "fsrail" download location.

None of my P3MX texture folders has the prop_blurred.bmp file. Each of the texture folders (texture.My00 through texture.My25) contains 3 files:




In most of my C130MX folders (for instance texture.my01), I find 7 files:








I assume the C130 "l" files are textures for night lighting, which also seem to be missing from my P3MX textures (I didn't check at night, so don't know if that works or not for the P3's). Should there be "l" files in the P3 texture folders as well?

If the "prop_blurred.bmp" file from the C130 folder is acceptable, I can copy it into the P3 texture folders.

Or if it makes more sense, I could rerun the P3MX.exe file from MyTrafficAircraftInstallers folder.

Awaiting your guidance...


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The P3 has been updated for 5.4a, and I see indeed the prop texture is missing in the incremental update. Since it is a pure military combat plane, it has no night texture. So just copy the prop_blurred from the C130 over to have the fastest cure. I can put them also into the patch.

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Had some time this afternoon for Flight Sim, so pasted the C130 props file into each P3 texture file, restarted FSX and KNUW, and all is well!

Thanks so much for the quick solution!



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