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Problems with patches


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I have v. 54a instaled and working include "Patches to 54a" button in Comunicator. I did not change anything. Today I pressed button "Patches to 54a" and download started ok. Then black window opened and say : "blah blah blah... ... patches 54.exe is not recognized as internal, or external command, operable program, or batch file.... Press any key to continue..."

I looked in My Traffic folder, and Yes I have there both files "Patches 54.bat" and "Patches 54a.bat". So I doubleclicked "Patches 54a.bat" and some installers ran. Txt file say :

1. B767-300F texture.cfg added

2. B737-300 142 texture.cfg added

3. 2010 schedules added

4. 2000 schedules missing file added

5. A380 strobe point shifted, Nav lights replaced

6. B733 folder 142 texture.cfg added

7. B737 folder 82 texture.cfg added

It seems to be ok.

But why Communicator does this strange mistakes?? And Yes I am sure I did not change anything in last few days since I reinstaled All MyTraffic. How can I fix this, please? Next thing is that when I tried press Download - New version window apeared and says my current version is 54a and on the web newest version is 54. Confusing.... Any idea, how to make this strange "Communicator" working corectlly? Thanks for any help. { Please - clear and simple step by step instructions if possiblle, without unnecessary words. My english is very simple and limited, so all not necessary words makes me more desorientated. ] Thanks for any help and understanding. EddiePatches.bmp

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Your install looks like up to date. I changed nothing on the server since six weeks - so I have to check if maybe some backup was reapplied there. If there really is a new patch before 5.4b release, I do not expect this, then I will announce it.

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Why do you bother? I cannot check the situation currently since I'm ill currently, will check once I'm back in office. In the end the Communicator is an internet based application and 99% of all information on the internet is plain wrong, including what I put there.

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