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Prepar3D version 1.4


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There still is development of Flight simulation software!


I will test compatibility to MyTraffic following the release, and if needed put additional support for it into MyTraffic 5.4b which is planned for October currently. If larger changes would be needed, this could mean MT3D 5.4b to come out ahead of the FSX version, let us see.

Please, once you have version 1.4 and if you see any issues, post them here in this topic.

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Installed P3D 1.4 now, with MyTraffic.

It looks like all is working as before, MyTraffic Interactive and MyCaptain included.

How have I installed?

  1. I moved the MyTraffic folder out of the P3D structure
  2. I uninstalled the P3D SDK
  3. I uninstalled P3D
  4. I bought and installed a 120GB SSD, drive G:
  5. I installed P3D to G:\P3D
  6. I installed P3D SDK to G:\P3D\SDK
  7. I copied the dll.xml from the traffic toolbox SDK to the user profile.
  8. I moved the MyTraffic folder into G:\P3D
  9. I renamed scenery\world\scenery rafficAircraft.bgl to .passive
  10. I added MyTraffic\aircraft to Prepar3D.cfg
  11. I started P3D, added MyTraffic as scenery - and all was working.

And on a SSD, starting P3D is fun, as well as loading scenery.

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Hi Burkhard,

I did the same procedure and finally remembered that you had to point your path to MyTraffic\Aircraft\Scenery - (pointed to Aircraft first and kept getting a notification etc.)

In reference to you #9 - I did not do that step - new to me - does that need to be done?

I have my traffic set to 50% but , to me, there is not as much traffic, in airports, as there was in v 1.3 ? Everything in the Traffic Configurator looks fine.

Finally, is the IFR=0 "staying put" in v. 1.4 config. Constantly having to change it back to 0 after any changes in P3d?

Thanks so much for your information and have a blessed day.


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In reference to you #9 - I did not do that step - new to me - does that need to be done?

If you don't do that then you will also see the default traffic i.e. ACME etc.

I just got back into P3D after 6 months away from it and yes IFR=0 is still bugged in 1.4, I save it to a custom save and reload it from the menu's when needed.

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Can you expound on the custom save.

I will open p3d.cfg, make the change to 0, save.

From all I have read, when I go to p3d console to load a flight/change aircraft/ anything requiring you to open and/or change, the IFR reverts to some number. Am I correct?

Your help would be most appreciated.

Have a blessed day.


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To be honest Tom I'm not sure when IFR reverts to a broken state but I save through the menu system like this;

Options> Settings> Save

Then when I want to make sure VFR traffic is working properly I just select;

Options> Settings> Load and choose the saved file from earlier.

If you want to check the file isn't broken go to open it from the load menu but right click on the saved file and select EDIT and it should open in your text editing program such as Notepad. This file will now never change unless you save to it yourself, P3D won't mess with it, so the IFR entry remains intact and can be loaded again easily in the future.

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Hi Burkhard,

I installed MyTraffic 5.4a with a fresh install and everything ran perfect. On first load of Prepar3D, AI aircraft were present. The same installation instructions still apply. I also used the latest SDK release from Lockheed Martin, August 20th and it all functions normally so far.



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Thanks. I got a remark from one user during beta, but that is solved, no I have one residual problem with 1.4 and MyDive - the ships intended as tagets for the torpedos already sink (due to fear) when I approach with the sub - no idea what happens there, want to get 5.4b beta out first.

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Hi Burkhard,

I want to be sure I am clear on some points.

I just put a new motherboard, cpu etc. in my flight sim computer, re-installed Windows 7, P3D 1.4 etc. I did not install FSX as I do not want to use it any more. I had MTX for P3D and FSX installed on the previous hardware setup with no problems and updated through 5.4a & patches.

I am now ready to install MyTraffic into P3D 1.4. P3D is located in C:\Prepar3D.

I have the following files:


MyTrafficX P3D 5.4A update mt3du54a.zip

MyTrafficX Patches54a.exe

Of course I understand the unzip procedure, copy to clipboard and paste to folders etc.

Do I have to have FSX installed?

Do I need to install the P3D SDK?

Do I need to install the FSX SDK?

Will it install directly to \Prepar3D?

I don't want to mess up my P3D installation.

Thanks for the help


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No, you do not need to have it installed. You can as well install to any dummy folder, then move the Mytraffic folder, or select the Prepar3D folder as installation target. The Communicator will not find FSX.cfg, but that is no problem, since then yiu run the update to MT3D and there you get the correct communicator etc. Then run the update and the patches last.

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