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STB Client not connecting to FSX computer (STB-DS)


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First of all, thanks for an immersive addon, I've enjoyed it so far on my FSX computer. Now I'm pushing the envelope and trying to get it installed on a client computer, but not succeeding. Trawling through this forum and the internet hasn't helped me so far, so I hope you can help.

Quick summary of the situation:

  • installed STB and STB-DS on FSX computer and client computer
  • Client & FSX computer: Updated STB to version
  • FSX Computer: STB-DS version
  • Unable to update STB-DS to version, the installer doesn't direct to any directory, and when I try directing the installer to the STB and STB-DS directories manually, but I get error messages
  • Not able to get STB client to connect to FSX on the FSX / STB-DS computer

Installation info:

  • Simconnect .xml in C:\Users\Robert\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX (using computer name in stead of IP adress, due to DHCP)
  • Simconnect.cfg in MyDocuments folder on the client computer
  • Pointed the client computer to the My Documents share folder on the FSX computer

STB on the client computer gives me the following status when trying to connect:

  • Deleting old STB Flight Plans
  • Connecting to Flight Simulator, please wait
  • Connected succesfully, FS=10-0-61637-0 Simconnect 10-0-61259-0
  • Connected to Remote STB/UT2 Data Source

After 10 secs the procedure is aborted and I get an error message:

  • "Unable to contact SupertrafficBoard Data Server. STB will be disconnected. Additional details below"
  • A large description that basically sums up that the server did not respond to the clients request for connection.

Additional information:

  • When running STB on the FSX computer I see the STB-DS server version online
  • The samme version of FS and SimConnect are being reported on both the FSX and Client Computer

I've found some users on the forums that are having the same problem, but I haven't been able to use their solutions in my specific case.

Hope you can help, because my ALT TAB key on my FSX computer won't take much more :mrgreen:

Thanks for a great product.



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Hello Robert,

Firstly, thank you for the comprehensive description of your situation. Simconnect is working fine so we don't have to about that, let's look at STB-DS

You mention you had problems updating that, and it does need to be or later to be compatible with the client (the interface changes on both sides). However I'm not sure that is your problem yet, as if a connection were made you should get a "mismatch" message. As well as the update to STB-DS, a full installer including the service pack is available for download and that may be the better option for you. Unfortunately I've not linked it on the website, but here it is:


Install that on the FSX computer, no need to remove the existing STB-DS. Start up FSX, and check that STB-DS is also started automatically (once the FSX "choose flight" screen is up). If you get there, you should be able to connect from your client.


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