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Reduce traffic in certain areas?


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Hi Burki

a long time ago I bought a CD from you with your AI traffic, must be at least 5-10 years :-)

Today I bought 5.4a and so far I am really happy, I also have UT2 which is also a good product but mainly for major hubs.

My question: Example, I love to fly in Montana, its really cool that I have much more traffic then before, when set to 100 %.

Now if I fly from Great Falls to Seattle, naturally there will be a point where with 100% set the whole thing is a slide show.

Is there a easy way, to have like a 100% setting at some airports like KGTF KMSO but actually the AI Traffic slider is set to 30 % in General? Other ideas?

Thank you

Merci vieu mau :-)

The title is misleading, that would mean I set the slider to 100% but in Big hubs like KLAX KSFO I would have something like 30%....

vis versa :-)

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Thinking through this, this immediately gets into logical problems. Flights always are from one airport to another, and as example many flights into Seattle are commuters which come from the smaller airports.

The sweet spot I think is 50% density for airliners and any number your hardware can do for general aviation - then you will only see aircraft which are based on real world connection at KSEA, but all of them, and still see enough at most smaller airports. Seattle isn't so hard on the hardware, but the day you fly into the New York area you will have to pull several sliders down in a coffee break...

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Its working!

I have traffic set at 40% and have the same amount of AI in KGTF as before with 100%!

So just to be clear: I did it now for all the Montana "HUBS" KGTF KBIL KMSO KHLN....if I want to add a new one with My Priority, I would have to alter all the ones I already did again to my priority, because it always start with the MTX_V54a.myt database file. Correct?

Thanks again Burki

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I use different FSX config settings when flying into major hubs especially like the NY area or places like Germany etc..etc...

About 150 miles out I just load the new config on the fly which basically reduces my traffic sliders a bit and if needed a few other settings like scenery and autogen settings for the particular areas.

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