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New Install 5.4a Big Problems

Jayson Wonder

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I just installed MyTraffic X Pro 5.4a. The installation seemed to work. My first test was to start FSX at my local airport and see if there was traffic on the ground. There was indeed.

Then reading along with instructions I tried to use the SDK Traffic Toolbox to Dump Airports was confused but I think I did it write, I bassically selected the files from the My Traffic X folder\Aiports.txt and \airportslog. I then went to My Traffic Editor and opened up the MTX_V54a and it only shows 8262 airports present which seems low. I continued to import airport.txt and nothing happened. I then exported Myairport.dat again nothing happened. I then proceeded to create schedules, files, traffic from create menu and now it is taking forever installing loops...???

I have no idea what is going on it has been over an hour for this process and I cannot fly. How can I fix this and why do we have to do this process instead of just installing and running the game with traffic.

Please direct me as to how to get things working properly I fear my files / database not correct.

If I cannot fix how can I resort back to my default FSX setup with out wiping and reinstalling?

Thanks, I am really struggling here.

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First, why did you do all this? MyTraffic as it install works out of the box and gives enough to explore. If you want to go into traffic programming yourself, you can do so, but this is a major project and needs a lot of reading and understanding, in the end you write assembler programs doing so - typically the job you started with is a final step of weeks or months of development of airports, airlines, paints, etc.

8262 airports looks like OK, this are all the airports which are able to handle AI traffic, the remining 15 000 only have a runway, but no parkings, no taxiways, etc. So if this number doesn't change, this just means that you have no airport installed, AI capapble, that isn't in MyTraffic already, in most cases a valid assumption. So all is fine until here.

Next, you can read that create schedules, files and traffic means that all the schedules of the world, around 800 000 daily flights, need to be recalculated, that takes 2 hours or so. If your airport basis is very different to the one that comes with MyTraffic this may make sense once - if as example you have a version of EDDF installed that has no Gates with 40m radius that airport is not A380-ready, and your recaculation will take care of this and not plan A380s from it.

So let it do its job, at the end it will compile the schedules if you have trafficdatabasebuilder installed, and all will be OK - I see nothing to bother. You just decided to go into a complex development job instead of just using the product.

Once the program has terminated, you should have more or less the same result as the one you got when you installed, with optimizations as I explained above. If you want to go back to MyTraffic as it installes, use the MyTraffic Communbicator and select the 2012 schedules, than the schedules provided will be used instead of your own development work.

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Great reply!!! The detailed response makes me realize that I did choose the correct product!

I definitely admit I was finding things very complicated. The only real issue I am seeing now is that I have a really slow FSX start up and this is after starting up several times. Could this be related to my complicated install? Should I uninstall and reinstall?

I do indeed plan to switch back to 2012 schedules as I want to be back to default mode. I do however intend to install some add on airports right away what must I do to ensure these are recognized and operational?

I had my FSX starting up lightening fast and running perfectly is there anyway I can get this great performance back using the product? I am also wondering if it is slow start now do to SDK and those tools?

Thanks in advance.

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The more aircraft you install to FSX, the slower it will launch, so unfortunately any package that installs as many AI models as MyTrafficX does will significantly impact on launch times. It's not something "wrong" with an add-on, it's just the way that FSX works, that it looks at every single Simobject before finishing the load sequence (and again when going from the front page into the sim).

The only way around it is not use additional aircraft, either AI or "player".

Ian P.

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You can do a little bit if you select which types of aircraft you want to see. If as example you never want to go to Russia and are sure you never want to see a Tupolev, a Yakolev or an Ilyushin, you can just delete those folders under MyTraffic\aircraft - but do not expect wonders, in the end more than 200 B737-200 or A320 are the bulk of the 5000+ aircraft used.

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In first order, nothing. As long as the number of parkings and the size is similar, it will work as it is. If it is VERY different, you may identify what is the difference, and in these cases you may want to modofy the schedules - but to be honest the layout must be really bad not to work.

If you have a specific question, then feel free to past here. If as example you have a file with all secret airbases in Russia, that might be an intersting case...

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