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Thinking about the future, it is obvious that more and more paints made on the new models since 2007 have become or will become obsolete for actual schedules, and will go to the time machine. It might be a good idea to seperate out the actual ones at each major release, and put those that have left to the time machine. This can only be done if we get rid of the current usage of this mechanism for paints on FS9 models.

So here my list of historical aircraft that need to be done on the "new" models (from 2008)

Boeing 707

  1. South Asian Airline
  2. Sudan State Aviation
  3. LADE
  4. Air Leone
  5. Allied Transport
  6. Blue Nile
  7. Base de Transport de Lome
  8. Fuerza Aerea Colombiana
  9. Arab Republic of Egypt
  10. Great Lakes Airways Uganda
  11. Indonesia Government
  13. Transcontinental Sur
  14. MAHFOOZ Aviation
  15. Saudi Arabian Ministry of Defense
  16. Middle East Airlines
  17. Pakistan Cargo
  18. Trans Mediterranean Airways
  19. Trans Arabian Air Transport
  20. Air Memphis
  21. Egypt Air Cargo
  22. Wimbi Dira Airways
  23. Lufthansa 1959-1962
  24. Lufthansa 1963-1965
  25. Lufthansa 1966-1967
  26. Lufthansa 1968-1978
  27. Condor
  28. Air France old color scheme
  29. Air France Cargo old color scheme
  30. Air France new color scheme
  31. Air France Cargo new color scheme
  32. British Airways
  33. BOAC
  34. British Caledonian
  35. British Airtours
  36. Pan American Original
  37. Pan Am
  38. Continental Golden Jet
  39. Continental
  40. TWA early scheme
  41. TWA late scheme
  42. Varig
  43. Sabena

I mark in bold those which I would call important. The others all were still fling when MyTraffic came out in 2002. If anybody wants to grab a few of them and make them, please feel free, book them here and post them here!

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