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I have a serious problem, I just bought and downloaded My Taffic 5.4 Professional and it is confusing. I though it was just going to be pay download and play but it is much more complicated than that. After it was installed I downloaded the aircraft ino my cfg. and saved it. Then I went to add it in my scenery and I did but in the communicator it still said I needed to copy the scenery files even though I did it. I don't think this is the product for me unless I'm really missing something. Nothing works, I went to download the patch it said it was invalid. If I could have a refund that would be great, this product is just not for me or my system.

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First of all, welcome here. Installation really is simple if you follow the easy instructions. There is nowhere a download of aircraft, nor does the communicator say that you need to copy files - don't make things complicated which are simple and work 10 000 times.

At the endo of the installation, the Communicator starts. You press the green button and then the red button as you are instructed, and your FSX.cfg is done. You start FSX, add the scenery, and you are done, as simple. (There is a slight problem that FSX dialog are not compatible to Vista/Windows 7, but you are around that already I assume).

If now you do not see lots of AI traffic everywhere on this planet, then you have AI schedules in FS8 data format installed - still in 2012 there are addons which contain such digital polution of Ai aircraft which fly through mountains etc. Unfortunately you have to remove these, if you are a victim of such bad addons, the communicator gives you a tool how to find them, and if you post the result of this search here we can also help you. Don't make any actions you are not told to do in the installation instructions, unless you understand what you do.

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