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MyTraffic 2013 problems in AS EDDE and AS EDDR

andrey kuznetsov

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The simple solution is that you should set the priority in scenery properly. The MyTraffic Operation Manual starts with a table of contents. Third-party Compatibility is a hyperlink inside this manual and brings you to the following chapter:

Third-party Compatibility

Fortunately, third party compatibility issues are a thing of the past. The AI-logic is an integral part of any airport compatible to FSX. If AI-add-ons do not work in FSX, it's probably an obsolete software format.

Please make sure that the priority of MyTraffic in the scenery library is below the one of any add on airports otherwise the MyTraffic airport will overwrite it. The best position for MyTraffic is between "Addon Scenery" and "Propeller Objects".

If still there is a conflict between the visual airport you see and the way how MyTraffic works on them, like an aircraft taxi off the taxiway, parking inside buildings, or even two aircraft using the same parking, please search for the corresponding MyTraffic airport file - for EBBR this is MyTraffic\scenery\BR2_EBBR.bgl and rename it to BR2_ÉBBR.bgl.passive. This happens if the addon airport has a header different to the header of the airport in FSX and has been observed mostly with airports updated from FS9 airports, not taking into account data changes since then.

So you see the operation manual contains the answer to your question and in those cases where this solution does not work due to a problem in the third-party airport a solution how to fix this. I highly recommend to read the documentation of a product before using it, and especially to read the documentation before writing two reviews.

This said, the support forum for MyTraffic 2013 is at Aerosoft and not here, here we support MyTraffic X Professional, MyTraffic 3D Professional, MyTraffic Lite and MyTraffic Live - all products published by Simmarket.

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Thanks for your fast reply.

I can assure you that I've read both manuals before asking here for your advice. I really appreciate your help and understand your skepticism, but not every problem with software world can be sorted with "RTFM" advice.

If you rename those BGLs in MyTraffic\Scenery section there are no changes about traffic behavior in EDDE


and slight changes in EDDR - Aircrafts parked perpendicular to the parking spots.


I made a fresh FSX install on my notebook this morning, with 3 addons installed only: MyTraffic 2013, EDDR, EDDE. Same issues there.

I suppose that the might be problems with custom EDDE and EDDR AFCADs, because I have no problem with MyTraffic 2013 on Balearic pack and on the most of NA sceneries. But to have two wrong AFCADs on 2 commercail addons from the different developers ... I don't know.

Tech support and devs saying that the problem is in MT2013 and not in the sceneries. I really don't want to write this in my reviews. I need the true.

Can you clear this situation for me ? Maybe you need some files to analyze - I can mail those to you.

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If you renamed the files in MyTraffic\scenery to BR2_EDDE.bgl.passive, then MyTraffic cannot be in the game at all - this file is all what is at that airport from MyTraffic. You can also delete it if you want. Do not rename to BR2_EDDE.bgl_passive, because then FSX takes it as a bgl file.

But as far as I know all Aerosoft airports it is enough to sort the scenery priority, place MyTraffic between addon scenery and propellor objects and it is located fine. Only airport in Europe I heared of to not work this way is Brussels.

If it still does not work after deleting the edde and eddr file, then you must have still another version of these airports installed somewhere. Search for edde and eddr from the FSX main menu. As example I know some Aerosoft scenery products like Germany_VFR to come with own versions of the airports to have the taxiways better matched to the photo scenery. I had costumors with weird problems who found up to 10! versions of one airport installed, and FSX different sub engines took different versions. In thewse cases, you often see two aircraft parking inside of each other.

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This is why I love you guys and buy your products. Even though the guy posted in the wrong forums you still offered assistance. This is why I will continue to use your products. I recommend them to everyone I know who sims. My co pilot and I both use this to add to the realisim of the sim. Just thought I would say thank you. AWESOME! I am a real world pilot that drives a 767 for AWE. I love for simmers to come to the cockpit and ask questions before takeoff. It truly behooves me as to why real pilots are so discouraging to the sim world. I answer kindly if we have time. We had a kid solo a couple of weeks ago, he contacted the company to say we gave him the bug. Gotta love it. Good job gentlemen. Cpt out.

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