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STB V3.2 for FSX Beta Starts Today


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Hi Everyone,

I am pleased to announce the Beta program for STB V3.2 for FSX is now ready to go. For a list of the main changes:


To upgrade STB from V3.1 to V3.2:


If you are using FSX and STB on separate computers, you will also need to upgrade STB-DS:


Alternatively if you wish to run V3.1 and V3.2 side by side (though don't start them at the same time!), I can offer you a full installer for STB V3.2. Please contact me with proof of your original STB purchase if you would like to do that. The installer for V3.2 is way better than anything that has gone before.

Please remember this is beta. You may find a few problems which I'll be glad to hear about, but we have tested extensively in development and with the alpha team. As a beta the update may get withdrawn and we may ask you to return to V3.1, but only in the very worst case.

If you do decide to give the beta a try, please let me know along with the AI package you are using so I can asses the level of coverage.



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Some feedback I received in beta 1 concerned the loss of the flight selected on the board and also the scroll position as time goes by. There are many reasons this can occur, especially as the flight data beneath the presentation is very fluid. However I was able to identify the major causes and mitigate them to a large extent ready for beta 2. STB will now attempt to maintain the selected flight (the one highlighted in yellow) and its scroll position during:

  1. Predicted flights being added or removed from the display. These are the flights that have yet to occur in FSX, but will do according to the schedule BGLs or UT2 database;
  2. User aircraft description update;
  3. Data transmission from UT2;

I also noticed I'd lost the ability to selected a flight in both the top and bottom half of the displays in split screen, that's also coming back in beta 2.

Finally, if I can get the enormous data entry task complete in time, Beta 2 should also have support for Just Flight's TrafficX 360.


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