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"Show Position in Google Earth" is Greyed out


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Dear Volker

CPU Intel I7-940 2.93Ghz

GPU NVidia 280GTX -1Gb


FSUIPC 4.81 Payware Version

FSX DeLuxe Service Packs 1 & 2

Vista Home Premium Service Packs 1 & 2

FSCommander 9.2.1 Build 28July 2012

When in FSX Cockpit view at an airport CYRV Revelstoke BC Canada and with Google Earth in map view at the same airport . FSCommander also at the same airport I cannot activate

"Show position in Google Earth" as it is Greyed out. Also I tried going to FSC/ Window/Online to put a dot in Google Earth with correct path specified as C\Program Files(86)\Google\Google Earth. I can put a dot in it but when clicking "Close" it will not save it. So I cannot revert to Google Earth to find FSCommander in Temporary Places as it naturally does not appear.

Please be kind enough to advise



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Hi Volker

I have changed it in FSC\Window\Options\Online to C:\Program Files(86)\Google\Google Earth\ Client

and put a "dot" in the button then clicked "Close" but on opening it up again the The "Dot" is no longer in the button.

Fos some reason it is not saving it.

In GPS "Show Position in Google Earth " is still Greyed out.

Hope you can solve it



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Hi Howard,

Last try:

1. check that inside the folder C:\Program Files(86)\Google\Google Earth\client the file googleearth.exe exists.

2. Open the folder FSC9. Search the file FSC.EXE. Right click on this file.

Select from the context menu "Run as Administrator". Try again to make the path settings.

If it's not working now, I have no solution.



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Hi Volker

Yesterday I uninstalled FSC & Shut down Computer. Today I checked that Googleearth.exe was in the client folder. It is there OK.

Then reinstalled FSUIPC4.8 Payware Version. It also has Permission & full control.

Then reinstalled FSC9.2.1 Build 28-July-2012. (Right clicked on the FSC.exe togive Administration rights before install) Installed it & again gave permanent admin rights.

Went to Window\Options\Online & directed Google earth to C:\Program Files(x86)\Google\Google Earth\ Client. Then put a dot in the radio button, Clicked close.

Then to check I reopened it and the Dot in the Radio button had disappeared (it would not store the google pathway)

Finally in GPS "show position in Google earth" is still greyed out.

So I guess we cannot find the solution Volker. I will have to manage without the possibility of a road map for VFR flying using Google & revert to another program i,e, "Plan G",

unless you have a brainwave to solve it.

Thank you so much for trying

Best regards


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