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Flightplan ICAO Regions

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I've been using FSC for several years now but, due to troubleshooting a different piece of software, I have noticed that the ICAO Region Code in the FSC generated flightplan is always "KK" regardless of actual departure or destination.

e.g. EGPF-BIKF. I used Route Finder from FSC to generate the route which I then copied and pasted into the FSC Flightplan window. FSC then built the flightplan and I saved this for import into FSX. Now when I look at the plan using notepad all the Region Codes are "KK" whereas it should be, for the UK part of the flight, "EG" and then "BI" for the Icelandic part.

Is there a reason for this and what effect, if any, would this have on any other program that needs to interpret this?



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I came accross this topic because of a minor problem with flightplans imported in Plan-G.


When flying I am always using  the program Plan-G to assist me. A very nice piece of software (see TASoftware.co.uk) giving me ral-time location of my position and all the airports, VOR's, intersections or what have you.


I noticed that when importing a FSim Commander flightplan this plan would not be visible in Plan-G. That is, only the waypoints are visible as small triangles, not the track between these waypoints.

With flightplans genereated in Plan-G itself or in FSX the total flightplan would be visible, so the waypoints and the tracks between the waypoints.


I found out that this is caused by the ICAO region, being set to "KK" in Fsim Commander instead of the valid ICAO region.


Is there any way the valid ICAO regions could be set in FSim Commander ?



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