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Hello. I downloaded and installed MyTraffic 2013 a couple of days ago after I before used another AI program which never worked properly where the aircrafts never moved and only where parked by the gates.

My Traffic is until now working very well, and the aircrafts are departing and arriving on different airports around the world.

My problem is: I would like to create my own schedules and I don't know how to do it. I read somewhere that you need to use SPD to make your own schedules. I've been checking in the FSX folder, but the only place I am able to find SKD is in my PMDG 737 NGX folder. I have the FSX gold edition with the Acceleration pack installed. My computer is new and I've got windows 7 ultimate 64. Do I need to download something to make my own schedules. I've also been looking on the Super Traffic Board which seems very interesting, but the problem is you need some tools to instal these programs.

Could someone tell me what to do, and how to do it. My computer knowledge is not the best so I am thankfull for all the help I can get.

Frank :???:

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If you have the FSX Gold DVDs, the SDK should be on these DVDs, but I do not know if you have to make the complex installation that normal users have to make (SDK from DVD, ServicePack 1a from download or Acceleration DVD, then the acceleration SDK).

Be aware that changing the traffic in every case is assembler programming, so needs very accurate and precise working through the tutorials, making simple exercises until you can attempt a real project, you will learn really a lot about how computers, programming, FSX, scenery and aircraft are working, so maybe tell us what exactly your project is and we can estimate how much work it is after you spent two or three weeks of learning.

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Thanks for the answer. My plan is first of all to schedule all the traffic in and out of my hometown which is ENBR Bergen Norway. There are close to total 300 commercial flights every day + privat + cargo etc. Later I might do it on other airports, if everything goes well with my first project.

By the way the Aerosoft forum could not help me cause they dont support the editor, so I hope I get all the help I need here.


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Well, you have to learn and plan a lot.

One basic logic: There is no way to create flights for one airport - each of them goes to another airport, and affects the traffic there. So you cannot create traffic for one airport, you always create if for many, at least some dozens. Then you have not only to verify, like in real world, that the traffic can be handeled at that time by the local airport, and in most cases have to change the code of the airport to handle it, but also do this for any destination airport - speaking of manually treating 300 flights means months of work until 90% of them really can be observed.

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