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.cfg file changes

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I was just reading through the install info supplied with MyTraffic Pro 5.4 I recently purchased.

It is described you have to go to the interface menu and select "manage FSX.cfg/add my traffic"

I am not a big fan of changes in my FSX.cfg file.(read: I am afraid I might get performance issues due to a corrupt .cfg)

Can I please have some info on what changes will be made to the FSX.cfg file please?

Also if I have to let FSX build a new FSX.cfg file, do I have to re-add MyTraffic again with the same procedure?


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Below is the only line that is added by the MTX communicator and its mandatory otherwise you won't see any MyTrafficX traffic.


If you are that paranoid about editing or polluting the FSX.cfg then you should make regular backups.

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Not paranoid.

But the .cfg file is important as you know.

I cant allow every add on I have to change things there and mess everything up (I am not saying MyTraffic does, but thats what I was asking)

(For instance Fly Tamp Athens (for FS2004) changes Terrain_Max_Vertex_Level = 21 (to make the roads work)

(that might work for that add on, but not for others)

I dont accept things like that anymore, and toss addons like that.

But with the one line that My Traffic changes/adds I dont see a problem.

Thx for that info!

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Add this line by hand. I share your feelings about installers, so just look into the manual what line you have to add and do so.

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