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what install folder for MT?


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Does MyTrafficX Pro require (for best performance) installation into the main FSX installation folder (or does it have to be on the same disc, in my case an SSD), or can I also install the 10GB install to a mechanical data disc?

I am asking for two reasons:

1) I would like to spare disc space where possible unless it impacts performance!

2) I would rather install things to a seperate ADDON folder I have made outside FSX so things stay nice and organised

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MyTraffic by default installs into the FSX folder. If you want to save disk space, after installation you can do the following:

Move the folder MyTraffic\aircraft (that is 90% of the size) anywhere else and change the line in FSX.cfg to point there.

If you have a not too slow CPU, I always recommend to use the NTFS file compression option to reduce the amount the data take on disk and to speed up I/O - the MyTraffic\aircraft folder goes from 9.73GB to 2.68GB this way.

You may also be interested in my post about P3D and FSX on one SSD.

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Thank you very much for you blazing fast replys (I was told this is one of the great advantages of MyTraffic Pro and can confirm it is true :-) )

I do have a fast CPU (i3770k)

Everything is new and dedicated for FSX.

However my main goal is performance. If things require more CPU cycles I tend to not do them.

So although this compression is realy good to know, for me, since it will cost some CPU cycles, I would rather install the full 10Gb.

Now if I move the MyTraffic\aircraft to a slower disc than my FSX SSD, will that cost performance?

Or asked in another way, Is MyTraffic more like a scenery injection addon (like GEX and REX) or is it more like an actual scenery addon (like one of the many Airport addons for sale, requiring to be on a fast disc)?

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On any quad or more core, you have excessive CPU clocks - and not enough bandwidth. Especially on a slower disk, the I/O of the textures slows things down and you gain a lot by transporting far less data ( and having to cache them in memory), but try that out yourself.

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