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Hi there

I'm really enjoying the latest version of MyTraffic (5.4b). I particularly like the inclusion of the Skybus Islanders.

I am having a problem with St Mawgan however. I think it is because the airport has two names - St Mawgan and Newquay with two different codes - EGDC and EDHQ respectively.

I am using FTX England and I get EGHQ shgowing up alongside the FTX default EGDC and making each other look a bit of a mess. I disabled EGHQ in Mytraffic but I'm not sure if that will have a detrimental effect on the traffic schedules. I.e. will that stop the Skybus Islanders and other airlines from using St Mawgan?

What is the best way to have only one airport show up as well as having all the proper traffic fly in and out of it?



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This is tricky. FSX contains a dead version of StMawgan, which is closed now. So MyTraffic installs a version of StMawgan that only consists of those parts that are not used any longer, and a new airport Newquay that contains out of the actually used renovated part of the field. If you now use a version of StMawgan that also uses the part which now forms Newquay, you get a mess. I would ask FTX England to update the airport to what it is now, or not use it.If you have nn Nequay, you get no Ryanair - decide what you want.

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I don't think they've added anything at all to the Microsoft default airport as regards parking, or anything of value to AI - I'll take a look in about an hour or so, when I reactivate Orbx England. Therefore, I doubt they'll be able to help you much.

From what I've seen so far, they've added no parking to any of the default airports that didn't have it before. They do seem to have made changes at some airfields (and then taken the library objects out of the AFD file, which is naughty, because it means they can't be overwritten by a replacement, more accurate, AFD file) but I suspect you'll find that the Orbx version of St Mawgan/Newquay actually only has one parking spot at the fuel pump, the same as the default. Therefore, you won't lose a whole lot by using the MyTraffic version instead, although it might need the remainder of the layout added.

Edit: I stand corrected, they actually seem to have added quite a bit of AFD work here, so it's not as simple as I'd hoped, sorry. :(

Ian P.

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Yes this is the issue I'm having. FTX doesn't include a new version of EGHQ (probably because it is not part of the original FSX scenery?) and so the MyTraffic version shows through. With all the other airports, the MyTraffic version is hidden by the FTX one.

The MyTraffic version is much bigger than the FTX St Mawgan so it extends out much further and produces some huge cliffs and holes in the countryside around the airport. The apron of Newquay also extends beyond the fence of St Mawgan and so the Islander traffic is parked apparently in the car park of the FTX St Mawgan!

I was just wondering if there was a way of changing the traffic that is scheduled for Newquay to go to St Mawgan instead and therefore disable the Newquay airport as the FTX one fits better with the surrounding scenery (obviously!).

No worries if not I'm sure I can live with it. It is worth it to have the Skybus airline nicely represented!

By the way, Skybus also use 3 Twin Otters for their services to St Mary's, might we see those included in a future update?

Thanks for the great work Burkhard.



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Thanks for your reply Burkhard.

Can I check, if the FTX version (or the UK2000 version, which I have as well) has gates for the larger aircraft, could I rename those versions to EGHQ and that would allow all the MyTraffic traffic to still use Newquay, but would leave the FTX airport scenery in tact. I'm afraid I'm not very knowledgeable about how all these things fit together so I might be way off track here!

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