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MyTraffic 2013 not working FSX


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I've just bought MyTraffic2013 for my FSX Acceleration (Windows 7).

After I finished the instalation, only default aircrafts, such as the Learjet or the Cessna appeared on the simulator (they only appeared when MYTRAFFIC2013 was "on" in the Scenery Library and if General Aviation display was set to more than 0).

After that, I realised that my IVAO MTL also stopped working. To sum up, I guess the MyTraffic2013 and the IVAO MTL are actually running but, because of a restriction, just default aircrafts are shown.

Before MyTraffic2013, I had MyTrafficX and everything was working perfectly.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and thanks in advance for the help.


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I believe you need to use the areosoft forums or contact them directly. My traffic 2013 which you are using is made by aerosoft and not by Burkhard, the gentleman who makes the product here called my traffic x. Both are AI programs but made by 2 different entities. If you are still in your refund period I would actually sugest you return it and get my traffic x instead. Much better product. Anything from aerosoft has always given me problems and never felt worth the $, especially AES.

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MyTraffic 2013 and MyTraffic X are two different products using the same code, the original (MyTraffic X) has much more prompt and better support here featuring more constant updates and fixes, You can return the Product to aerosoft and simply update your existing MyTraffic installation to Version 5.4b at no extra cost here:


You have to have Version 5.4 or version 5.4a for the free update to apply or you must purchase the Crossgrade version from simmarket:

<I dont think there is one out for MT2013 Yet>

otherwise return MT2013 and purchase a full installer here:


What you effectively did was downgrade your product

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Hi, I really am always surprised why people who have MyTraffic Professional downgrade to the consumer version by Aerosoft, but here more must have gone wrong in the install process, since MyTraffic 2013 is widely identical to MyTraffic 5.4a just without some sofisticated tools like MyTraffic Interactive.

Now, MyTraffic2013 also installs into the MyTraffic folder to my knowledge, and no folder MyTraffic2013, but the MyTraffic folder of couse must be an active scenery. It does not contain any default traffic, so if this shows up after you had MyTraffic any version installed something really bad must have been done. So please tell us what exactly you did. Please remember:

If you have ANY addon installed, you MUST not use the FSX repair function, it will destroy whatever you have so that you will have to uninstall FSX and all addons and start again. Or, you have another addon installed that uses the default planes to simulated "AI".

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  • 4 years later...

Hello from Ron Kolesar, AKA the Blind Pilot.

For some reason I installed my traffic 2013 and I can not hear any ai traffic.

How can I fix this?

I have the two programs from


Third Party Aircraft Sound Installer version1.2 and

Third Party GA sound utility also version 1.2.

Now I also had the AI traffic program Ultimate Traffic 2.

But I was told that my traffic 2013 is the most up to date copy of this program, that it was also closer to the real world and was more blind friendly than the older ut2 program.

So I picked it up from


I am using win 10 with fsx steam.

Should I uninstall my traffic 2013 and try to install it once again?

How can I please start hearing ai traffic while flying with mt 2013?

How does a blind person fly?

This is a valid question to ask and a easier question to answer.

I use the following three programs that work hand and hand together.

1. FSX Steam.

2. The small bridge of a program FSUIPC.

FSUIPC allows FSX to communicate back and forth with other programs.

3. Last but not least, the program that all blind pilots need is the program from Canada called Its Your Plane or IYP for short.

Their web addressis as follows:


Fo5r GA flights, the only bird I fly is the Dassault Falcon 7X or for short the DF7X until we can get a FSX friendly copy of the now FAA and Europe Flight Certified the successor to the DF7X the now DF8X Three Engine trijet.

How does a blind person interact withone their computer?

This to is a valid question to ask and a easier question to answer as well.

We use a program called a screen reader.

There are several out on the market and some are free.

But the one that the majority of us blind pc owners use is called JAWS for windows.

For further info about JAWS for wintows and to make my traffic 2013 more blind accessible, their address is at


The current fersion of JAWS is version 18, but version 19 will be out in October or November.

Each year there is a new major release of JAWS around October or November.

But there are little upgrades throughtout the year.

The demo will run for about 40 minutes.

So I highly recommend that you set a timer for around 30 minutes.

That way you can have enough time to save what you're working on and reboot your pc.

Because when the time runs out, you'll have to reboot your pc and then fire up jaws for another 40 minute demo period.

So would deeply appreciate some help on this topic.

I can be reached at:


Very Thankfully Yours,

Ron Kolesar AKA The Blind Pilot and in the real world as U.S. Ham Radio Station KR3DOG

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