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Problems TCAS2v7.dll


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For several weeks I have tried to solve this problem by publishing several sites such as the FSDREAMTEAM and UTX but after several tests I found that the error is with My Traffic 5.4

It happens many occasions in the vicinity of airports PHNL, PHTO, PHKO, PHNL, PHOG. My flight crach makes two mistakes, and tcas2v7.dll ntdll.dll. I have removed My Traffic and the error disappears or when left to zero traffic.

Please help correct your problem

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My apologies for not explaining well.

This error only happens to me in the vicinity of airports in Hawaii. I have installed all scenarios start FSDreamteam and I thought that it was an error FSDreamteam but they have answered me as follows:



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I can only repeat and confirm the problem is NOT PHNL. And The Most obvious and clear proof of the fact this is an AI problem, is the fact you have a crash in TCAS2v7.dll too, Which Proves Clearly there's something wrong with an AI somewhere. If you get a crash with a module That Supposed To display AI Airplanes Could possibly how you think the problem is the * airport *?

Again, as was already Repeated many times, if the rogue AI does not appear in other airports (Because of its schedule and its livery) you are mislead thinking the problem Might Have Something To Do With PHNL, just because you do not see it anywhere else, but that Does not mean it's * Caused * by the airport.

In any case, just to be sure you have everything from our side updated: download and install the MOST current version of the Stand-Alone Addon Manager and install it as the last thing you do.

And, be sure you download and install the current version of FSUIPC MOST, Which Helps with G3D.DLL crashes too.


I've already done all the tests and suggest improvements here but referred only people FSDreamteam is the traffic generator which in my case is My Traffic 5.4.ab.

Here is a link where others have created a topic "CTDs with Hawaiian airports and MyTraffic 5.4"


Please some help. Do not want this to sound like a bad fitness. I just want to fix my problem and I come to you who are the most familiar.


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Thanks, still some questions that might help to clarify:

What is TCAS2v7.dll ?

I do not have such a file in my FSX folder, so it must be a fourth party software that fails. It MAY be that it fails due to a problem with the AI schedules, it may be it fails due to an internal bug, and it may be there is an incompatibility that we should chase for.

So you have actually updated to version 5.4b? The schedules are created using the FSX traffic toolbox SDK, so are by default FSX compatible.

I know only one method how AI traffic can crash FSX, that is if am aircraft.cfg entry refers to a non existing model folder. A lot of efforts have been put to avoid this, but we can make this search again.

So, if you have MyTraffic 5.4b, at which time of day do you get a reproduceble crash of FSX at what airport, with which AI traffic density settings? With this information, I and others can look there too if we also see a problem.

Another useful information would be if the crash also appears with MyTraffic installed and active, but AI traffic density sliders set to Zero.

So please tell us where, when and with which settings you get a reproducable crash. When does it happen, in flight or when loading the flight? If it is when loading the flight, where is the percentage? So please, provide as much information as you can - the more you provide the better we can try to isolate the problem.

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I visited PHNL now at 5 different times and got no crash nor any problem. So I think there is no bad model= entry involved.

Reading the comment, they describe "with a module That Supposed To display AI Airplanes" makes me wonder, since in FSX AI traffic is displayed by AIPlayr.dll, and no other module is needed nor supported that handles AI traffic.

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