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Cannot see Siletz Bay Airport S 45 in STB


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Some things to note:

1) You can list the flights at any airport, so long as you are connected to the simulator by typing the airport ICAO code into the airport selection control;

2) The airport selection control only lists those airports that have more than a certain number of AI aircraft present. To change that certain number, look in the Settings Notebook at the Board Control tab. At bottom right, you will see "Airport Movement Display Threshold", that you may adjust to suit your purposes.

Hopefully, one of those will explain what you see.


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Download OrbX AI Traffic for free at (http://fullterrain.c...ct_traffic.html). Look for NA GA Traffic 1.00 and 1.10.

Simon's second option above is the best if you want to see something. Reduce "Airport Movement Display Threshold" to 1 or 2. The downside is that you will now have dozens of airports from the "Select Airport…" to choose from. The one you're looking for is Gleneden Beach Siletz Bay State.

In FSX or P3D change the General Aviation Traffic Density to, for example, 50%.

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Thank you both for the suggestions. I had been typing in the ICAO code but had not been changing the notebook settings., but still no change. I have the FTX: North American GA AI which gives up to 4 AI aircraft at S45 and I can see them all in my FSCommander window.

I have now changed back to Prepar3d default for scenery and still no change even though I can see the aircraft moving! However when I type any 3 character ICAO airport I get the same problem in that STB does not recognise it?

I did not run Makerways or recompile again and not sure if I need to.

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Simon will correct me if I'm wrong, but every time I add new scenery I always run the Configuration Wizard (Make Runways and Compile Airports).

Siletz Bay S45 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siletz_Bay_State_Airport) doesn't have an ICAO airport code but instead has a FAA LID code (see more at http://en.wikipedia....tion_identifier).

Actually I don't enter an ICAO code. I assume you installed OrbX AI Traffic 1.1 on top of 1.0. If so:


I changed STB "Airport Movement Display Threshold" to 2 and not 4 (save any changes you make).

I changed FS General Aviation Traffic Density to 50%.

After all that I loaded Siletz Bay, connected STB, Selected Airport Gleneden Beach Siletz Bay State and there it was.

See if that works.

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Thanks very much THeMaNRJ I can now see where I was going wrong. I did set the threshold to 2 as both you and Simon suggested but I failed to save it, silly me. All is now working and I have my S45 STB clearly on display although I did not know it was called Gleneden Beach so their you go:-) Also I was focusing too much on typing in S45 which as you say is not an ICAO code but maybe STB can in future accept airport identifiers such as S45 as FSX, Prepar3d FSCommander etc do.

Thank you all again for your super support I really appreciate it.


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