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Correct order full instalation

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Hi Burkhard.

First - Have good luck in all 2013 year !!!!!

Now. I finally finished building of my new PC. So I need to instal all my staf.

I would like to ask You about correct order of instalation to reach MTX 5.4b Pro.

1. MTXV54a.exe - 1,407,246 KB [downloaded from simMarket right now]

2. Patches54a.exe - 11,790 KB [downloaded from links here]

3. MTXU54ab.exe - 108,008 KB [downloaded from links here]

4. Patches54b.exe - 2,805 KB [downloaded from links here]

Please could You confirm if is it right way, how to get final ??

Thank You very much and I wish you all the best!


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Thank You Burkhard.

i have another question.... :oops:

I downloaded new instalation from simmarket

MTXV54b.exe 1,451,833 KB

I instaled it succesfuly.

Should I still instal patch over it?

Patches54b.exe - 2,805 KB [downloaded from links here]

, or is it included in fresh instalation from simmarket.

I am sorry for this question, but I dont want to do any wrong move.

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Hallo Burkhard.

New installation front of me. :mrgreen:


Full installer downloaded yesterday from Simmarket.  It is MyTraffic3D v 54c.


Qestion: Should I use any patches after install this full installation in my P3D v. 1.4  ?

If yes, could You give me exact link for that patch, please?

Thank You. Eddie


PS: name of downloaded file is:  MT3DV54c.exe

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Thax for replay.

Instalation and patching went ok.


Something is wrong.  It is something wrong in instalator. After installation I presed shortcut in Start menu [Window7-64], but no Comunicator , only small black window with some writing....  As I am familiar with MyTraffic software, I was able to recognize what happened.  I went to Dublin EIDW with slider on 100%, and only ONE airplane on the gate. Nothing else. I know what is the problem. Shortcut in Start menu linked to "MyTraffic live.bat" instead of Communicator!!!  Ok , I fixed it manualy.  I started Communicator and selected Spring 2013 . I did all necessary actions to make MyTraffic working.

I went to Dublin again, and all is ok. I stayed there only few minutes and then I went to Boston KBOS.  Slider on 40%.  Not too many aircraft there, only few. It is no problem for me.  After few seconds ntdll error. 

I changed schedules to 2012 in Communicator. Then I did identicaly same test. Slider on 20%. About 200 planes on KBOS. I flew KBOS -KJFK. I saw 400 to 500 airplanes around and no ntdll crash. I landed in KJFK and taxi to fuel, and taxi to gate. Still around 400 planes there. No crash. I am still there on the gate.  4 hours nonstop. No crash.

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