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Hi Pete,

Please, just a quick info, which window sound is responsible for the FSUIPC OOM chime? Since I have the info in my log, and don't hear a thing, I guess it must be up to my windows sounds being all disabled. Before I would enable all, I'd like to know the one to enable to hear the OOM chime.



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I don't know if you have also a german OS, but there it is "kritischer Abbruch".

Roughly translated as "critical break" ...(?)


AH, my answer doesn't make sense.

You need of course the name of the WAV: windows forground.wav

But I have WIN8 (and you not, because I know you hate it :mrgreen: ), don't know if the names of the files are the same...

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Critical Stop would it be. That's enough, I'll give it the wav I like ;-)

I hope that's it though! And... thanks!

I don't know which WAV it is. It is the sound produced by "MessageBeep(MB_ICONEXCLAMATION);" The sound is documented as

"the sound specified as the Windows Exclamation sound."


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