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I have just purchased AI for the first time. I am amazed. Thank you for the excellent product. I have a couple of questions which don't seem obvious in the literature. I probably missed it. I also have a question regarding performance. I am a bit of a newbie (amazing at my age), so I appreciate your patience.

-how do I get the ATC babble on the radio when I'm parked at an airport. As silly as it sounds, sometimes I just park an ultralight on the ground, turn off the engine and watch...don't tell anyone. Now this may be a result of my relative lack of use of ATC in general, but I'd appreciate a shove in the right direction. Also, is it possible to place myself in the control tower at the airport without disrupting the AI. Finally, if that is possible, will MyTraffic sense my location and turn down its volume?

-in the communicator, there is a tab for the type of AI. There are several options, the first one being FS9 & FSX. When I attempt to click on it, it appears that I am getting a textbox which I cannot edit. Should I be able to edit out FS9? As an alternative, I chose 2012.

-I haven't fiddled with the sound level yet, but can I increase the sound of the AI engines on their takeoff roll? Seems a bit quiet.

-I attempted to check the wide screen box in the Aircraft Editor, but it seems not to have taken. When I reopened the dialogue it was unchecked.

-I read somewhere in a post that if one chooses DirectX10 effects exclusively as opposed to both (aircraft?, sounds?, etc?) it leads to better performance. Is that the case? If so, how to I make the adjustment? I also got the impression that I wouldn't have to have the DX10 preview checked in FSX options. Can you comment on that? My machine is DX10/DX11 compliant.

-how do I go about forcing MyTraffic to have its aircraft use real routes. I don't really care about schedules at this point, but it would be interesting to have aircraft flying regular lanes.

I have a notebook with an i7 2760QM processor (2.4GHz), 16GB ram, 2 x AMD 6990M graphics cards and everything related to FSX is installed on an SSD.

In my intitial use of MyTraffic I setup FSX as follows: Heavy aircraft 50%, GA 45%, density medium. I have my frame rate set unlimited with an external limiter at 30FSP. I normally don't have any trouble maintaining 30 unless I put myself in a thunderstorm with heavy rain in an ultralight, totally exposed to the elements.

I set myself up at Pearson Intl inToronto, Ontario at 0730. It was just sunrise. There was traffic departing and several planes in the air (strobes, landing lights). With traffic density at medium, I was getting 19 to 23 FPS if I looked in an area of concentrated activity. If I paused and reset density to low, I got 22 to 27 FPS. Now I realize that FPS always gets more credit than it deserves. While I was stationary, activity was quite smooth. That, of cours is what is most important.

The reason I bring this up, is I am concerned that I won't have much left in the tank, when I do move. Also, with heavies at 50& and GA at 45%; does it make a lot of difference if airport density is set to low or medium.? It's probably not possible to give me a specific answer, but general guidelines would be appreciated.

Again, I must say thanks for the software. You got the plumbing right and at the end of it all, that's what matters. Please keep up the good work and I thank you in advance for your help. Also, greetings to all those who frequent this forum.

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Thanks for your intense review. New the format of a forum is adequate to answer one question, maybe two, but not to write a complete book.

ATC talk just comes when you switch ATC on in FSX - just not in slew mode. Nothing specific to AI.

The communicator does not differentiate between FS9 and FSX, DirectX9 and DirectX10. Use the 2012 schedules as they come for the moment, until you are bored by them.

AI sound - Try the tool MyTraffic\aircraft\Adjust_AI_Sounds.exe

Like the tool to select the model used, this software always starts with the default settings and is no feedback system of the actual setting, which answers the following question.

Ther are systems whichget an enourmous boost with DX10, and others not. Depensds on details of you settings, so I cannot comment, but I use DX10 preview since long since despite its problems the grafics look better.

AI traffic does never use real routes, that isn't programmed into FSX. You can do so fpr individual flights using MyTraffic Interactive.

The slow down in frames just comes from the sheer amount of aircraft to be moved as you show with your measurements. Reduce traffic density if you want more frames. 30/25 is often enough.

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