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Hi Everyone,


I have been at it again and have many new paints to share, I will post them here in a batch, its too much work to post separately :)


1Time B732 - 2007-2012

Aer Lingus (Aer Arann) AT72 - 2006-2020

Aero Honduras B722 - 2002-2005 (Became Sol Air)

Aerocontractors DH81 1995-2009

Aeroflot Cargo MD11 2006-2009

Aeroflot DC10 2002-2006

Aeroflot TU154 1997-2003

AeroGal A319 2011-2020

AeroGal A320 2010-2020

AeroGal B722 2004-2007












Aeroflot_TU154_Old Colours.zip




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AeroGal B733 2008-2020

AeroGal B752 2008-2020 (Both Varients)

AeroGal B763 2009-2020

AeroNexus B762- Already Included, but they have a new "Private Jet" like colour scheme im sure this would look way better tan the original plain white :D

African Star Airways B743 - 2000-2004

Air 2000 B763 1998-2005

Air India B744 OC 1993-2006

Air Madagascar A343 2012-2020

Air Madagascar B732 1969-2009

Air Madagascar B733 1994-2020






Aeronexus_762 my66 texture replacement.zip


Air 2000_B763.zip

Air India_B744_oc.zip

Air Madagascar_A343.zip

Air Madagascar_B732.zip

Air Madagascar_B733.zip

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Air Madagascar B762 2000-2006

Air Madagascar B772 2011-2021

Air Antiles Express AT42 1 2006-2020

Air Atlanta Cargo B742C White 2004-2013

Air Canada A320 65 YR 2002-2009

Air Canada A320 Raptors 2006-2020

Air Canada A343 Star Alliance 1999-2009

Air Canada B741 1971-1995

Air Canada B763 OC 1995-2005

Air Canada CRJ2 OC 1995-2005

Air Madagascar_B762.zip

Air Madagascar_B772.zip



Air_Canada_A320_65YR Special.zip


Air_Canada_A343_Star Alliance.zip


Air_Canada_B763_Old Colours.zip

Air_Canada_CRJ2_Old Colours.zip

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Have some more


Air Canada Tango A320 2001-2004

Air Europe A320 1999-2005

Air One B738 2002-2010

Air Transat A320 2003-2005

Air Zimbabwe ERJ145 2013-2020

Airborne Express B722C OC 1980-2003

Baron Air Cargo A300 2004-2006

EuroAtlantic B772 2010-2020

Kulula B738 *Texture Replacement* please replace the textures for My99 737-800 the original ones have duplicated sides this one is corrected with separate patterns on either side of the aircraft










Airborne_Express_B722C_Old Colours.zip


EuroAtlantic Airways_B772.zip


Kulula_738 MY99 texture replacement.zip

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Thanks again.


One plane I can comment, the Madagascar 772 was a 3 months lease from Euro Atlantic. In this time it made 4 flights to Tokyo, the rest of the time it was sitting on ground with its Crew, a pilot on this plane told me who is a well known person in flight simulation - to enter into MyTraffic I usually require a fleet of 3 for 5 years minimum for widebodies and a fleet of 7 for narrow bodies.

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I see, my apologies it was probably a typo. that aircraft was on a 6 month lease that made it over from 2011-2012 if you are still interested in adding it

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