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Landing lights,bad landing.


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I have some questions.

1) All aicraft in flight landing lights turned on.

2)Airbus A318 and 319 landing on runway almost like helicopters.

Not always and not all.

3)Why can not planes landing on MHTG as real (RW02)?

Landing through the mountain ....

I have Specialtraffic.bgl from FlyTampa for VHHX can land on aircraft rw13 as in real.Not landing throughout the mountain.It's nice to watch the planes come over the house roof.

Why can not it MyTraffic aircraft that is paid?(MHTG)

I have to say. There are many things why is My Traffic 5.4 b my favorite among the other addons!!:-))

Thank you for your reply and help.

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1) FSX switches Landing lights on at all landings, day and night, so nothing I could change - should anything be different?

2) A319s in real life operate from some very short runways - Rio - Lahsa - some more. To habe the A319 operate properly there I had to give them good brakes - maybe that is what you see - at Frankfurt there is no reason for them to use the brakes as heavily, but one model one property.

3) MHTG please give more information what exactly the point is, maybe one can change the airport layout. VHHX has traffic in MyTraffic too, and a very special guest!

I do not understand what you mean with "Why can not it MyTraffic aircraft that is paid?(MHTG)" please give more details what you are asking.

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MHTG is Toncontin/Tegucigalpa in Honduras - widely known as one of the top five most difficult and dangerous approaches in the world.

Short of manually coding each approach point and injecting an aircraft to follow exactly that path through Simconnect (which even the one package using that method doesn't do for approaches) then there is no possible way an AI aircraft will ever avoid all the obstacles.

I believe that what letec is trying to say is that because he paid for MyTrafficX, it should be able to fly that approach without going through mountains.

Ian P.

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Thanks Ian P

My problem is to explain what I mean because I can not English.

I use google translate.

FlyTampa create access to VHHX as in reality on 13th RW

Planes land not directly through the mountain to rw13 but before turning right to rw13.

It is possible to access real MHTG?

Burhard brakes are ok, very ok, aircraft brakes smoothly.I'm happy that aircraft brake normally not as 95% freeware AI planes :smile:))

I mean the style landing A318 and 319th

A318 sits on the runway as a helicopter without power. In the style of a falling stone. On all 3 chassis and bounces. Only A 318 and 319th

Lights: Lights on the landing and takeoff to be very, very good.

Really sorry for my English.

Hoping that you understand something


I mean when you meet at FL350 and they still have the landing lights.

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