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Manage aircraft config doesn't work anymore

J van E

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I just installed MTX5.4b. I decided to check out some options and the first interesting one was Manage aircraft configuration because it might help with the rather low fps I get with MTX at some places. In that menu I noticed another option: Remove aircraft, scenery etc. Since I don't like to see fighters on my regular airports I decided to give that option a go. Expecting I would get to see a menu just like with Manage aircraft I clicked on it. To my horror I didn't get a menu and apparently all AI planes were removed...? Luckily I noticed the next option was Rebuild and so I chose that one.

After that I wanted to check if I maybe had to reset the settings in the Manage aircraft config menu but whatever I do, it won't open anymore... I even restarted the PC: no luck.

How can I get it working again?

And wouldn't it have been a good idea to make a bit clear in the menu's when an option gives you a menu and when an option immediately does what it says? I don't really dare to touch anything at all anymore now...

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If menu items open new sections you see them opening, remove aircraft and scenery does whait is says, it is if you read the dicumentation a necessary step before you uninstall, and rebuild builds it up again with default settings. That is the general idea that whatever you do you always can go back to as it gets installed at first installation.

What exactly happens when you start Manage Aircraft Config from the MyTraffic start menu?

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When I start Manage etc, I very briefly see a DOS window, for a split second, and then nothing. But er... I just started FSX and while there was a LOT of AI around me the previous time there was NOTHING around me now... The entire AI menu is even gone. Think I will have to remove everything (manually, if I understood it right) and install again...

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