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Ifly FSX/Saitek TQ/Flaps Control

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Hi Pete,

I'm having trouble getting the Saitek TQ to work the flaps. I calibrated the axis as per the guide and it states 9 detents. However the flap lever works somewhat in reverse and also will not go back to zero flaps. I have tried it with the REV checked and it doesn't seem to make a difference. What happens is that I move the lever and the flaps go to 40, then I move it again and it goes back to flaps 2, and within one "click" (slight movement of the lever), the flaps direction changes. Any suggestions would be welcome.



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Rob, I'm sorry to say that I believe the last update is bugged as I had problems I haven't had before with a lack of speed and climb ability.

I removed FSUIPC and reloaded the previous version and all was then okay.

Please do not make such silly wild accusations about FSUIPC without at least being specific about what you really mean and with actual VERSION numbers. "Latest" is NEVER enough information!

There cannot possibily be anything FSUIPC is doing about your "lack of speed and climb ability". That has to be nonsense. FSUIPC has nothing whatsoever to do with aircraft modelling and performance!


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