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Wrong VORDME frequencies at most UAE stations


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Hi Volker,

Many of the UAE VORDME frequencies / Identifiers are not correct on my Flightsim Commander map.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) frequencies / Identifiers do appear correctly on the FSX "Map" and also

FS Flightkeeper map. I've run the FSC database manager several times and also reverted (installed)

an older release of the FSC database from Navigraph and then rerun the FSC Database Manager,

but the issue remains. I've attached two screen captures; one shows the FSC Map, and the other

shows the Dubai (OMDB) bgl file as viewed in the AFX utility.

Non Tunable stations (FSC) :

DXB 108.4 > Should be DUB 115.7

MIN 115.2

JXB 113.4

ADV 114.25

ALB 114.0

MA 114.9

FJV 113.8

Tunable stations (FSC):

RAV 113.6

SIR 113.75

Is this a known issue with (perhaps) a solution? If no, I'd appreciate any tips / suggestions

regarding a fix.

Best regards,

Ken Boardman

FSC ver 9.2.1, FSX Acceleration, Win7-64, FSUIPC ver4853



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Hi Ken,

have you read this: Manual, Chapter 2, DataBase Manager...

... Note that FlightSim Commander uses data which are partly extracted directly from FlightSimulator files and

partly from real-world databases.

The data read from Flight Simulator directly are airports, runways, ILS'es, markers, taxiways, parking positions, and aprons.

All other data are provided by Navigraph and concern VORs, NDBs, intersections, GPS fixes, airways, SIDs and STARs, Transitions, airspaces and minimum sector altitudes.

Note that Navigraph provides monthly updates for these databases. The collection of currently valid data is called AIRAC Cycle followed by a date.

In other words,

1. the database manager reads only airport data and its environment.

The DbManager does not read VOR's, NDB's, Intersection, etc.

2. VOR's, NDB's, Intersection Airways etc. originate from the current AIRAC cycle.

Kind regards,


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Thank you Volker. I suppose the next step would be to contact the Navigraph about this. Seems strange that

FS Flightkeeper has the correct frequencies and FSC does not, since Navigraph supplies the the VOR data for

both and I have the latestest db releases installed.

Best regards,


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Hi Volker,

Just a bit of feedback here >>

In the Navigraph forum I learned of a site that offers updates for the FSX Nav database. I downloaded and installed the Middle East region and it corrected

all the stations there. The Minhad, UAE (OMDM) airbase VOR (MIN 115.2) was not included so I used AFX and FSX Planner software to add it ~:)

The FSX db update link >> http://www.aero.sors.fr/index.html

Best regards,


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Thank you Volker. I understand. And if it hadn't been for the up-to-date station data of FS Commander I likely wouldn't have discovered that the FSX UAE station data

was no longer valid. So I thank FS Commander for that ~ :) FS Commander is an outstanding FS program and I am very happy with it.

Best regards,


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