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My traffic x crashing

Peter K

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I installed mytraffic x 5.4a and it was working

I then installed my traffic live

It is sort of working

I start at an airport and it then it crashes my fsx

It will also crash my computer if I change locations to a new airport

I only say that it is crashing the computer because this behaviour started right after i intalled "live"

Help please

fsx sp2 and w7 x64 .

mytraffic 5.4a with live

Any thoughts?



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What i did was delete the mytraffic x 5.4a program

I ran fsx and it was then working well.

It seemed to be operating normally, meaning that I could duplicate what i had done and the system did not crash

I then reinstalled mytraffic x 5.4a without enabling "live" and it sees to work without crashes

I suppose I can set a restore point, then download the "live" traffic file and see how things work out.

If it is then crashing my system I can go back to the "non-live " version

Is there anything special I need to do to use the "live data"

On another note my system is completely bogged down at 30% traffic with mytraffic live

FR is dropping to single digits at complex airports such as kord

These drops started once i installed mytraffic 5.4 a

I am trying to work though the issues so see if i can improve it

I have a pretty good machine

2700k w7x64 fsx sp2 and tweaked to kosta settings.

I know that there are a thousand reasons i might get bogged down with the fr's but given the exact same settings with MYTX5.4a and without I see drops of at least 20 frames per sec at complex airports.

Thank you



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It may be the amout of traffic around you. Most CPU power goes into tracking the aircraft, not their display. And since this tracing runs on the same core as the scenery and the grafics, your system is not much faster than those 8 years ago. FSX is not able to handle the traffic density real life has at Kord or New York, and will not be until we have 20 Ghz CPus

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NO I am using 5.4 a primarily because i read somewhere on the site that "live" only worked with 5.4a . I may have read that on the simmarket site when i bought the live subscription.

Please let me know how and if it is ok to upgrade to 5.4 b

Where do i find those upgrade files and will it work with the live traffic files


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