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Axis spoilers

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Hi, I was wondering how to set up the axis for the spoilers. Right now I have the axis assignment set for "axis spoilers set", and the calibration with the filter and Rev checked. But when I try to use therm if flight hen ever I move the Physical lever down the lever in the game move down like its is Supposed to but then it move right back up to the normal position without me moving thePhysical lever. If I uncheck the rev box it dose the Exact Opposite.


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The default spoiler system in FSX does work correctly when you are on the ground testing it (same for the iFly too I think), be sure to only test spoiler operation when in flight, otherwise the lever will jump back to the "lever up spoilers down" position automatically. If the throttle is not in the idle position or if you move the throttles out of the idle detent that will also cause the spoilers to retract automatically.

There is no need to tick the "filter" option either, that is only there for very specific reasons, for example you have a very old joystick device that spikes due to dirty potentiometers or you live in an area with very poor electricity supply which can also cause unwanted variation in axis output.

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That's what I meant in my last reply, yes.

You should also check that your throttles are calibrated properly, that's why I mentioned them before, if they aren't calibrated properly and don't get all the way to idle, then it's possible the spoilers will automatically retract straight away. Try pressing F1 to confirm they really are at idle in the sim, then play with the spoiler lever in the VC rather than on your Joystick or throttle quadrant and you will see the spoiler lever retract again the moment you move the throttle out of idle with throttles in the VC. If your hardware throttle is spiking even when in the idle position then your spoilers will retract too, if you disconnect your throttle and the spoilers then begin to work properly with the VC levers then you know you probably have a faulty pot (spiking) and/or incorrectly (un)calibrated throttle lever on your quadrant.

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Ok I tried what you said but then I try to use them the spoiler stay deployed the lever in the game jitters at flight Detent no matter what I do with the Physical lever, that's with the Rev box checked. But when I uncheck the Rev box, it works fine except its revers how I want it to go.

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