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New to traffic w/ questions


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I have a few: I bought My Traffic 2010 about a year ago and like it. I pretty much just used it out of the box and without doing any playing around with programming or settings. I noticed however that the Lambert Airport in ST. Louis MO that I had replaced with an updated Lambert was no longer there. My Traffic had replaced that I guess. Can I get the updated Lambert (with new added runway) back now that I have My Traffic installed? Secondly, I now have a new computer designed for high graphics and such and with a fresh installation of Gold with Acceleration, the standard flight sim stuff is running awesome. My thought, was too possibly put the new Traffic 2013 if there have been improvements that allow it to be less of a drain on frame rates. After spending some time on the forums it looks like there are a lot of settings I could be playing with to improve frame rates but before I re-install 2010, should I be looking at a 2013? Third, what is the absolute best settings for fluid operation? IN other words, what should the frame rate be set at? Quality of graphics? My traffic settings? Just looking for some insight here. Love the program and love flying with real airlines. Lastly do any of the settings change which planes serve which airports? For instance...there is a UPS 747 sitting at Lambert n St. Louis, MO. I don't think that will happen in a million years.

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MyTraffic 2010 is a consumer version of MyTraffic published by Aerosoft, replaced by MyTraffic 2013 last year, both supported on their forum.

Here we support MyTraffic Professional, which is intended for users with slightly higher skills and gives them many more options. You can updated from an existing MT2010 or MT2013 installation to MT Professional using the "Crossgrade" offered by Simmarket.

The above airport issue I assume is just a question of priority in scenery library, put MyTraffic scenery between "Addon Airports" and "Propellor Object" and things should be solved.

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