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My Flaps indicator GSA-14 doesn't work with my pmdg 737-800 NG

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Hello everyone,

I have a problem with my Flaps indicator (GSA-14 flightillusion),

More specifecly on the airplane PMDG 737-800 NG,

each time i chame my flaps in-game my GSA-14 doesn't show the same values.

While on another plane (e.g. the normal 737 from the FSX) the values are correct and the GSA-14 shows the same value.

Can anyone help me with this?

I normaly change my values via the GS-Control program. I've dabbeled with it for a wile but with no avail.

I have attached a printscreen of my current values of the flaps indicator, Hope this will help solve the problem faster.

Best regards,



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Hi did U had a solution yet?

If correct the GSA-14 flightillusion uses fsuipc to read the values ?? in that case u need to use the a diff offset to read the values from the NGX. use offset 6568,4

I use sioc and the readings are different then the ones from fsx.

hope it helps.



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