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!!Serious Problem with MyTrafficX 5.3!!


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OK, here goes. I use PFE and Delta Virtuals ACARS programs, but MTX, after being installed, no longer lets PFE or ACARS communicate with FSX. If I uninstall MTX everything works fine, but then of course I have no traffic. Can someone please help me with this? What is MTX doing to my FSX installation that will not allow it to communicate with these programs? I have noticed this problem with default and add-on aircraft, I have tried re-installing FSUIPC with no luck. Currently FS is unusable for me due to this issue, please help!

Edit: It should be noted that when I remove the MyTraffic scenery from the FSX database everything works normal again. Something to do with the scenery is causing this problem, I do not know what since I have never experienced this problem before.

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Thanks for the second hint, so I see two possibilities:

a) These forth party addons (never heared about) rely on non-FSX airports

B) The amount of AI traffic just is too much for them, they crash internally

To distinguish, please keep the MyTraffic scenery disabled and move the file MyTrafficCommercial.bgl to an active scenery folder. What happens?

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It may be old, but at least it works hassle free. And I have yet to visit an airport without traffic. The models kind of suck, yes, but there are plenty of liveries so I dont know what you are talking about. Some of your opinions and views about what should and shouldn't be done in FS are completely strange, and I believe your product is poorly developed. Given the wide range of hassle free traffic programs now available I wont be looking to MTX for a new traffic add-on in the future. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

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