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Hello folks i must say i have been using Traffic x for sometime and i like the ease in when you load it.

the best part is where i live in Indy where the FEDEX main building live and your software brings KIND alive with the correct planes like Fedex.

I have now gotten my systems up to par , and with the fast coms you can now get more serious with addons.

Im now concentrating on tweaking traffi X, Im running a 10 monitor sert up with four coms in a network with more sotware i can name.

Traffix X is next in line for tweaking.

My first problem is how do i get the TX planes to reconize me in the field , they just go right through me , and even somtime will park right in my space even though i was there first.

Also they will latch on to me im going down the tarmac even the runway and as i take off.

I have read the manual several times but im just a little confused on some instructions.

The Planes look great .

I guess im asking how to have more control and a little respect from the plane s that ignore my presants.

Im looking for a little guidance , My traffic is at the top of the scenery ladder.

I have every slider turned up in FSX trust me my system runs it so smooth , including bloom once you get good frame rates with that on all the time you cannot fly without , love it at night.

But anyway Thanks........Robert

2600k @ 4.6 , W7 64, 285 GTX vid , 6 gig mem , 2 tera HD 1000 PS, FSX ASS sp2 ,

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MyTraffic should be placed in scenery library between addon scenery and propellor objects. Some of the symptoms you describe may have to do with more than one instance of the saqme airport active, but AI planes not blocking for user planes happens frequently in FSX and is an feature of FSX, so nothing to adress for an addon.

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