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Waypoint/RWY/Gate Window - FSC 9.2.2


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Since upgrading to FSC 9.2.2 I have been having difficulty with the Waypoint/RWY/Gate Window (the window that is opened from the Flight Plan window). On most occasions I can't click on the window, it is as if it is inactive, any attempt to click on it just acts as a click on the main FSC window.

I have uninstalled and installed again using the full 9.2.2 installer from Aerosoft. I'm using FSX SP2 with FSUIPC 4.86 on Win7 SP1 64bit.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. At present I am unable to select the start position for my flight plan.

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Hi Volker,

After some investigation I have found that this issue only occurs when Windows Aero is active. If I disable Aero or kill the dwm.exe process then the issue does not occur.

Do you have any issues when using an Aero theme (I'm guessing not). I'm finding this issue in particular as I restart Aero after FSX has started so I can benefit from the half vertical sync refresh rate tweak in Windowed Mode.

I have upgraded my graphics driver today and the problem still occurs. I'm using an Nvidia GTX480 and it is possible that the graphics driver is causing issues with Aero and FSC.

Hopefully this issue can be resolved at some point.

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Chris: FSX should disable Windows visual themes when running anyway? That's part of the default settings when running it on Vista and Win7, certainly.

Hi Ian. Yes FSX does disable Windows Aero when it runs, however as I mentioned in my post I restart Aero after FSX starts so that I can get the performance increase from running 'half vertical sync refresh rate' in Windowed Mode.

I would expect FSC to work with Aero mode, and I suspect it does for most. It could well be an Nvidea driver issue.

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I've just checked and I'm definitely running FSC in Aero on this little Samsung notebook without any issues.

I was just wondering, if you are running FSC and FSX in parallel on the same computer, whether it might be FSX's incompatibility with Aero themes that was causing the issue, but if it's happening when only FSC, not FSX, is running then that's obviously not the case.


ian P.

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Hi. A quick update, just for info:

My workaround currently is to 'Disable desktop composition' in FSC 9 properties so that Aero is disabled when FSC starts. Strangely when running FSX and I restart Aero FSC continues to work fine, the issue only occurs if I start FSC with Aero active.

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