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Non-unicode setting causes "?" in tail registrations


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Hello, a first post from far east Asia :)

I've just purchased and been enjoying MyTraffic with joy.

However I have came across a certain annoying issue with traffic, that i belive only people like me would face...

I am using English version of Windows 7, but due to some of old legacy programs in Korean language, i need to set the Non-Unicode program setting to "Korean".

(Control Panel -> Region and Language -> Administrative -> Language for non-Unicode programs)

Under this setting, ALL the tail registration codes of AI Traffic will end up containing a question mark in the middle. (Aircraft labels)

For example,

Tailcode "N123AB" would appear as "N?23AB"

"C-QBWD" would appear as "C?BWD"

"D-ABXY" would appear as "D?BXY"

"HL1234" would appear as "H?234"

..etc etc.

I am pretty sure this would happen if non-Unicode setting is in other Asian or non-latin languages as well. So most people in Europe or N.A. would never see this issue unless you use Asian languages.

Simple solution is to set the non-unicode to a European language (such as English) But of course, this creates issues with my legacy programs. Every time you change this setting, you need to reboot...

I suspect there's a non-ASCII character or hidden character that gets attached right after country specific registration prefixes, while the BGL file gets compiled.

WoAI, for example, does not have this issue.

Minor fault, but if you have chance, would you be able to update the compile tool or codes to support guys like me?

Thanks a lot in advance..! :D

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MyTraffic editor produces an ASCII file that contains ASCII value 173. On international and European systems this is displayed as '-' but ATC does not seak out "minus" for it. If you exchange this by the usual '-' sign, ATC will speak it out as "D minus A I D A". I hope this information helps you further.

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Hi Burkhard, thanks for your reply.

I am surprised on your answer because I've never heard ATC (the default FSX ATC) speaking out the word "minus" before.

Even with my old WoAI traffic who used regular '-' sign in the codes, and ATC would never spell our "D minus A I D A" because it would be either called "Lufthansa 123" or "Airbus IDA" .

Also, then how about the codes that does not contain "-" in the codes at all? US tailcodes do not have the dash but still appear with question mark.

From my brain right now, registrations in Korea (HL####) and Japan(JA####) also do not contain minus sign but still appear like that.

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The problem with the omission of the minus sign is that it makes the call sígns no longer unique. What I can do for you is to create a flight plan that uses another character but char(173) by another one if you tell me what you want...

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