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NO Crash issues in FSX - NO conflicts with OrbX

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I bought FScene today for FSX (the megapack I believe it was called). I do have other sceneries, including OrbX and Aerosoft Antarctica, but I wanted something specifically that covers other parts of the globe including Africa so I gave Fscene a try as it was on offer and looked to be what I was looking for.

Unfortunately, after installing it I had a lot of crashes. I'd backed up the sceneries folder and on restoring the backup the crashes stopped, so it looks as if something on my machine is causing conflicts with Fscene. I'm guessing that the most likely culprit are the ORbX sceneries (England, New Zealand etc.) The reason why I think they may be to blame is because they have a requirement to alter the way MSFS deals with scenery. Do you have any idea why I may be experiencing a lot of crashes with FScene? If its not OrbX, what else could be causing it?

Is there a recommended way to install FScene if you have other scenery libraries to install? Should it be installed first, for example, or doesn't it matter?


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sorry to hear this. It's not a known FScene issue, but i'll try to help you out.

Please let me know by private message:

- your name

- the exact FScene title you bought

- the store and order #

- The flight simulator version (FS9/FSX/P3D)


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Sorry - it was rude of me not to get back to you. The notification email went into my spambox filter so I didn't know you had responded until I checked it just now.

I have resolved the issue, I think. The crash was not due to an incompatibility with Fscene but with another plugin I was using. I had set some minor changes up on Xtreme FSX and they had caused the crash issue, not your software. I assumed it was Fscene because I had installed it at the same time I made the changes. To be honest I was expecting trouble with compatibility with Orbx, so when it started crashing I just assumed it was Fscene. It wasn't.

On an unrelated note, given that I can install Orbx and Fscene together, do you advise doing this? Or does one write over the other?

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